7R128 - Micro Rotation Stage

Micro Rotation Stage
Micro Rotation Stage
Super compact 360° rotation platform
Continuous rotation mini rotation stage
Motorized rotation stages
Micro Rotation Stage
7R128 with mini micrometer 9S35-5 installed.

Micro Rotation Stage 7R128 is a compact 360° rotation platform. Using a fine screw it is possible to rotate the platform very precisely. Pitch of the screw is 0.25mm.Vernier can be read to . Using M2 screws and an angle bracket 2AB128, this compact rotation stage may be attached to other micro stages (like micro translation stage 7T128). Other angle brackets are available in order to attach micro rotation stage to other units, for example to 5OM111. Produced from black anodized aluminium.

Links: 3SMP, 3RBP, 2AB128, 7T128, 5OM111.

Rotation range360° coarse;
15° fine
Reading accuracy
Sensitivity0.5 arcmin
Wobble1 arcmin
Load capacity:
Horizontal1 kg
Vertical0.1 kg
Weight0.04 kg
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Model Price Availability
7R128 € 197.00 today
7R128-9S35-5BL € 239.00 today

Micro Rotation Stage