7T128 - Micro Translation Stage

Micro Translation Stage
Compact configuration
Precision movement
5mm travel range
Precision ball bearings
XY, XZ, XYZ configurations available

Micro Translation Stage 7T128 provides smooth, precise single axis movement. M2 and M4 mounting holes are provided. Angle brackets 2AB128 allow to stack the stages for X-Y and X-Y-Z motion. The base and the platform are produced from the black anodized aluminium.


7T128 XY

7T128 XYZ

Angle Bracket 2AB128

Usage of angle bracket 2AB128

(with micrometer 9S35-5 installed)

3BP7T128 Base Plate
for stacking the translation stages 7T128 7T228T and rotation stage 7R128 to optical tables, breadboards or to another stages.
Travel range5 mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Load capacity:
Horizontal1 kg
Vertical0.2 kg
Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
7T128 € 174.00 today
7T128-9S35-5BL € 189.00 today
7T128-9S35-5 request 2 weeks
2AB128 € 13.00 today
3BP7T128 € 29.00 today

Micro Translation Stage