7G174-30 - Small Goniometer

Small Goniometer

High precision

Rotation about virtual point

15 mm virtual point height

Stacks directly with stages of 174 and 184 series

Motorized Goniometers...
3UBP-03 Universal Base Plate is required to fix goniometer to flat surface e.g. optical table. Reach minimum and maximum to gain access to four M3 holes for direct mounting.
Goniometer Rotation range±15°
Reading resolution0.1°(vernier scale)
Drive geometryLever(tangential)
Driving screw pitch0.25mm
Transmission ratio0°27'59"...0°30'45"(per revolution)
Ratio decimal0.4665°...0.5126°(per revolution)
(the ratio is per revoliution)
Horizontal load capacity1kg
Body materialAluminium
FinishBlack anodized
Goniometer Weight0.1kg
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7G174-30 Small
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Small Goniometer