5KVDOMV, 5VDOMV - Vacuum Compatible Optical Mounts

Vacuum Compatible Optical Mounts
Stainless steel
Annealed front panel of 1", 2" and 3" models
Compact/robust design
Super stable
Lockable adjustment screws
Motorized version
Manual non-vacuum version
Motorized version for vacuum

Vacuum compatible optical mount 5VDOMV are designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions. In conventional mounts, a side screw tightens the mirror. Radial forces acting on the mirror induces parasitic wavefront distortion, such as astigmatism. 5VDOMV mirror mounts use secure 3-points mirror suspension in between frontal flat spring and the back plate. Uniformly distributed axial forces eliminate wavefront distortion.

Vacuum Compatible Optical Mount 5VDOMV-1 is manufactured in two modifications: 5VDOMV-1 with flat L-form spring. 5KVDOMV-1 with spiral springs. L-shaped spring only available in 1-inch optics mounts.

Due thermal processes on optic holding part, all metal inner tensions were removed and part makes none micro movements.

These mounts are ideal for industrial applications in different optical devices (laser cavities, optical sub-assemblies, limited space applications)

Designed for Torr 10-6 vacuum.

More info and 3D can be found at pages of non-vacuum models.

0.5" optics

1" optics

2" optics

3" optics
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Vacuum Compatible Optical Mounts