5KOM4V-1 - Vacuum compatible Five-Axis Optical Mounts

Vacuum compatible Five-Axis Optical Mounts
Five-axis Optical Mount
Five-axis mounts considered as combination of:
+ Redesigned Side Drive Kinematic Optical Mount...
+ Y-Z Translation Optical Mount...
+ Optical Zoom option
Non-vacuum version

Five-Axis Optical Mounts consist of:

- Side regulation two-axis kinematic mirror mount with two screws (thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI))

- Two-axis translation stage with 2mm travel range driven by two screws (thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI))

- Zoom which provides 10mm travel range

Five-Axis Optical Mounts hold 1-inch optics. In addition, the adapters may be purchased to mount optics of different diameters. Five-Axis Optical Mounts have M6 holes on the bottom to accommodate different mounting systems directly or through thread adapters.

Vacuum compatible five-axis optical mounts could be provided on request.



Fine screw threadM6x0.25
Optics diameterØ25.4mm
Tilt/tip range±2°
screw thread pitch 250µm (100TPI)
XY translation range±2 mm
screw thread pitch 250 µm (100TPI)
Sensitivity for XY translation1µm
Sensitivity for Z translation1µm
Z translation range10mm
stainless steel
Weight0.28 kg
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Vacuum compatible Five-Axis Optical Mounts