S-RS - Raman Spectrometer

Main features of this system are an adaptation a super stable single mode 500-picosecond pulsed Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (DPSSL) with more than 8 kW peak power as a probe beam. Combining with high sensitive CCD camera it gives possibility to detect Raman spectra of different media at broad dynamic range of scattered light intensities from extremely week up to saturated signals. This Raman Spectrometer, equipped by confocal microscope could be used for Micro Raman 3D imaging

Raman Spectrometer Scheme

Laser:           STA-01SH
LD:               laser driver
POL:            polarization rotator
USB SMD:   two-axis stepper motor controller 8SMC-USBh-B2-2
M1:              motorized flip-mirror - 8MR174-11+ 5MBM22SP-1
M2:              mirror @ 5MBM23-05
L1, L2:          focusing lenses @ XYZ translate stage
S@H:           sample holder @ XYZ translate stage
W-meter:      Ophir USB power meter
FN:               Notch filter (531 nm)
PC:              computer
CCD(USB):   Hamamatsu C7045 with S7035-1007 Sensor and USB-2 controller

Measurement example with our Compact Raman Spectrometer

High peak power emitted from sub-nanosecond DPSS Nd:LSB Laser gives excellent possibility to detect Raman spectra of different media very easy.

Available spectral region280-1100nm
Concurrently registered maximal spectral band width2600 cm-1
Resolution (for 200 cm-1 spectral band width)0.5 cm-1
Probe emission wavelength (nm)531 nm
Signal-to-noise rate at 10 sec exposition>100
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Raman Spectrometer