BW-RAM-EX - Raman Spectrometer i-Raman EX

Raman Spectrometer i-Raman EX
1064nm excitation wavelengths – FLUORESCENCE-FREE
Patented CleanLaze® Technology for Laser Stabilization
Integration Time: 0.2min to >20 minutes
Adjustable Laser Power, Up to 480mW
Deep Cooled InGaAs Array Detector
Spectral Coverage of 175-2500cm-1
Resolution as Fine as 9.5cm-1

COMPREHENSIVE – Includes comprehensive package of sampling accessories for measuring solid and liquid samples which provide you the utmost utility right out of the box.

QUANTATIVE – State-of-the-art BWIQ quantitative Raman analysis software package provides an intuitive user interface, intelligent algorithms, and efficient matrix calculation power, making it easy to use by both expert and novice users.

The i-Raman®EX is an extension of our award winning i-Raman portable Raman spectrometer featuring a 1064 nm version of patented CleanLaze® excitation laser. Using a high sensitivity InGaAs array detector with deep TE cooling and high dynamic range, this portable Raman spectrometer delivers a high signal to noise ratio without inducing autofluorescence, making it possible to measure a wide range of biological samples. The i-Raman EX Raman spectrometer provides spectral resolution as fine as 9.5cm-1 and a spectral coverage range from 175-2500cm-1, enabling you to measure the entire fingerprint region. The system’s small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provide research grade Raman capabilities anywhere. The i-Raman EX Raman spectrometer comes standard with a fiber optic probe, probe holder with XYZ positioning stage, cuvette adaptor for measuring liquid samples, and our proprietary BWIQ multivariant analysis software. With the i-Raman EX, a high precision qualitative and quantitative Raman solution is at your fingertips.

•     Forensic Analysis, Including Narcotics
•     Bioscience & Biomedical Diagnostics
•     Chemical Warfare Agent Detection
•     Pharmaceutical Material Analysis
•     Polymer & Chemical Analysis
•     Environmental Science
•     Explosives Detection
•     Petroleum Analysis
•     Food & Agriculture

1064nm Excitation ≤ 450 mW
Laser Power Control† 0 to 100%
Spectrometer Range Resolution*
BW-RAM-EX-1064S-05 175cm-1 - 2500cm-1 ~ 9.5cm-1 @ 1295.66nm
Computer Interface USB 2.0 / 1.1
Trigger Mode 5V TTL
Power Options
DC (Standard) 5V DC @ 6.6 Amps
Battery Optional
Detector Type TE Cooled InGaAs
Dynamic Range 25,000:1
Digitization Resolution 16-bit or 65,535:1
Integration Time 200 µs to > 20 minutes
Dimensions 6.7 x 13.4 x 11 inch (17 x 34 x 28 cm)
Weight Main Unit ~7.6 lbs

*Typical Resolution Measured Using Pen Lamp Emission
†Center wavelength and linewidth not guaranteed

Package includes:
Chosen model of i-Raman Spectrometer
One lab grade fiber optic Raman probe
One pair laser safety goggles
Windows based software BWSpec

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Raman Spectrometer i-Raman EX