8MR150 - Motorized Rotation Stages

Motorized Rotation Stages
Compact Motorized Rotation Stages

Improved 8MR151 motorized rotation stages with opto limit switch for home posisition reference
     How to control motorized stages?
  Support all parameters of motion, have serious
  programming base, single to multi axis, ports: 
Rotation range 360°
Resoliution 0,6 arcmin
Wobble 0,6 arcmin
Rotation speed 50°/s (36V)
Load capacity:
Horizontal 6,0 kg
Radial 1,7 kg
Torque 0,5 N/m
Motor cable integrated
Length 2 meters
Connector DB9 plug (9 pin Sub-D)
Weight 0,6 kg
Model Aperture Price
8MR150-1 1 Inch*
8MR150-30 30 mm

Motorized Rotation Stages