CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
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11BEAMAGE - CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
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User manual
USB 3.0 for the Fastest Transfer Rates
Up to 10X faster than regular USB 2.0 connections (also USB 2.0 compatible)
High Resolution
2.2 MPixels resolution gives accurate profile measurements on very small beams
Large Area Sensor
The 11.3 x 6.0 mm sensor allows to measure very large beams
11.3 x 11.3 mm for the 11Beamage-4M, double the size of the 11Beamage-3!
Available with IR coating
Beamage-3.0-IR has a special Phosphor coating for IR wavelengths (1495-1595 nm)
ISO Compliant
D4σ Definition of Diameter, Centroid, Ellipticity and Orientation are ISO 11146:2004 and 11146:2005 compliant
Intuitive Software Interface
Easy to navigate interface, with many display and control features:
   2D, 3D and XY Displays
   Background Subtraction Function
   Unique "Animate" Function
   Gaussian Fit
   Semi-Log Graph
External Trigger
To synchronize the camera with a pulsed laser

11Beamage-3 CMOS Beam Profiling Camera is the very first USB 3.0 camera dedicated to Laser Beam Profiling. This new CMOS-based camera comes with a completely redesigned software that features both a highly intuitive user interface and powerful data analysis tools.

The USB 3.0 Advantage
The USB 3.0 interface of the new 11Beamage-3 camera features a data transfer rate up to 10X faster than any USB 2.0 system. This incredible speed allows for much faster data transfer rates, up to 10 fps at 1 MPixels. USB 3.0 also features an improved communication architecture that reduces both data transmission latency and power consumption.

Perfect for Both Small and Large Beams
Thanks to its unique combination of high pixel density (2.2 MPixels) and large sensor size (11.3 x 6.0 mm), the 11Beamage-3 has the double advantage of accurately characterising both very small beams of only a few tens of microns to larger beams of several mm in width, thus effectively covering most of the applications in one device.

Simple but Effective
The completely redesigned software takes full advantage of today’s best development tools. The simple interface is highly intuitive and yet comprises many useful functions, like Background Subtraction, Animation Tool, Signal Normalization, Filtering and Averaging Functions, External Triggering, Active Area Definition, Gaussian Fit and more. Furthermore, the calculations done by the software are ISO 11146:2004, 11146:2005 and 13694-2000 compliant and give the user the most accurate beam characterization available, all this in a lightweight environment that doesn’t take days to fully master.
EFFECTIVE APERTURE 11.3 x 6.0 mm 11.3 x 11.3 mm
Wavelength Range 350 - 1150 nm 1495 - 1595 nm 350 - 1150 nm
Pixel Count 2.2 MPixels 4.2 MPixels
H x V 2048 x 1088 2048 x 2048
Pixel Dimension 5.5 x 5.5 µm
Minimum Measurable Beam 55 µm 70 µm b 55 µm
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate 8 fps @ 2.2 MPixels (Full Frame)
15 fps @ 1.1 MPixels (2048 x 544)
32 fps @ 0.066 MPixels (256 x 256)
8 fps @ 2.2 MPixels (Full Frame)
15 fps @ 1.1 MPixels (2048 x 544)
32 fps @ 0.066 MPixels (256 x 256)
6.2 fps @ 4.2 MPixels (Full Frame)
11.4 fps @ 2.2 MPixels (Full Frame)
18.6 fps @ 1.1 MPixels (2048 x 544)
32 fps @ 0.066 MPixels (256 x 256)
RMS Noise 1000:1 (60 dB)
ADC Level (User Setable) 12 bit (default) / 10 bit (option)
Maximum Average Power 1 W
Saturation Level (1064 nm) CW: 10 W/cm2 ; Pulsed: 300 µJ/cm2
Displays 2D, 3D, XY and Beam Tracking
Display Features 2D: Print Screen, Reset View, Show/Hide Beam Diameter
3D: Print Screen, Reset View, Top View
XY: Save Data, Zoom, Gaussian Fit, Semi-Log, Show/Hide Cursor, Show/Hide FWHM, Show/Hide 1/e2
Beam Tracking: Save Data, Print Screen, Reset View, Zoom
Beam Diameter Definitions D4σ (ISO compliant)
1/e2 along crosshairs (13.5%)
FWHM along crosshairs (50%)
86% effective diameter (D86)
Buffer Controls Open File, Save Current Data, Save All Data, Previous/Next Image, Clear Buffer, Animate
Printing and Reports Full Report in Print Ready Format (2D, 3D, XY, Measures, Parameters)
Print Screen in BMP format (2D and 3D)
Sensor Size 11.3 x 6.0 mm 11.3 x 11.3 mm
Sensor Area 0.67 cm2 1.28 cm2
Dimensions (not including filter) 61H x 81.1W x 19.7D mm
Weight (head only) 139 g
Specifications are subject to change without notice

a. With ND4 filter
b. With despeckle filter

Ordering Information
Model Details  
11BEAMAGE-3-PA Set includes: Post Holder 3PHB-100, Mounting Post 3MP-100, Base Plate 3BP4-02
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