8MT30-50 - Narrow Motorized Translation Stages

Narrow Motorized Translation Stages
Narrow (30 mm)
Compact design
Upside down operational
High guide way accuracy
Resolution 0.156 μm (1/8 step)
X-Y-Z configurations available
Vacuum version
Manual version
Similar manual version

Motorized translation stage 8MT30-50 is a newly developed stage, which incorporates all the improvements and modifications implemented since its predecessor 8MT173-20-50 was launched. 8MT30-50 replaces older stage 8MT173-20-50. It boasts possibility to operate in any orientation, which means that the stage can be hung upside-down or be operated vertically with motor facing upward or downward. Durability of stage was taken seriously into consideration and now you can apply grease directly to the screw without disassembling the stage. Vertical load capacity is increased to 3 kg. Stage is spring preloaded to eliminate backslash. Design of 8MT30-50 ensures more stable and precise motion over full translation range. For vertical (Z axis) mounting we offer angle bracket 2AB173-20-50. Angle brackets of custom design can be manufactured on request. Two mechanical limit switches built into each translation stage used for emergency stop at ends of travel range or to establish a reference position with accuracy of several motor steps (use E4 option for more accurate zero position setting, see Sensors). Motor position can be visually determined with accuracy of one step by reading a scale engraved on dial knob fitted on motor shaft (use Encoder for monitoring exact position using PC, see Sensors). Body and platform of 8MT30-50 are made of black finished aluminum. Functional parts are made of steel.

DC motor equipped stages

8MT30-50DCE DC motor provides smoother motion and closed loop operation. High number of motor reduction gear provides high resolution, but low speed in turn. Ideal for applications demanding high accuracy but not sensitive to speed limitations.

8MT30-50DCJ stage is equipped with DC motor without encoder and can be operated with joystick 8JX.01 or 8JXY-02 only. Ideal for systems with own feedback, e.g. visual feedback when used with microscope.

Vacuum 10-6 compatible versions

Many applications require vacuum compatible stages. 8MT30V-50 stage is equipped with 10-6 Torr vacuum compatible stepper motor, all mechanical parts are lubricated with High vacuum compatible grease. Aluminum parts are not anodized. Stages are cleaned in vacuum chamber and packed before dispatch, so that it can be immediately placed in vacuum chamber after purchase without spoiling the vacuum. Cleaning and packing not included in price.

Model 8MT30-50 8MT30V-50-VSS42 8MT30-50DCE 8MT30-50DCJ 8MT30V-50DCE
Travel range, mm 50
Lead screw pitch, mm 0.25
Resolution, µm in full step 1.25* 0.014 - 0.029
Minimal incremental motion, µm - - 0.1 0.1 0.1
Bi-derictional Repeatability, µm - - 0.4 0.4 0.4
Max. speed, mm/s 5* 2.5* 7 0.38 0.5
Load capacity:
Horizontal, kg 5 3 5
Vertical, kg 3 1 1
Integrated cable 1.6 m length vacuum compatible 2 m length 1.6 m length 1.6 m length vacuum compatible 2 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Motor 28 VSS42 DCE RE25 DCJ252445 DCE1841
Weight, kg 0.5 0.55 0.5 0.5 0.5
X-Y 2CP173-50-20 2CP173V-50-20 2CP173-50-20 2CP173-50-20 2CP173V-50-20
Z 2AB173-20-50 2AB173V-20-50 2AB173-20-50 2AB173-20-50 2AB173V-20-50
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB 8DCMC1-USB
8JX.01 8JXY.01 8DCMC1-USB
Mechanical end limit switches 2, pushed is "closed"

*Test condition: STANDA controllers; Power supply – 36V.

8MT30-50 XYZ




2AB173-20-50 Angle Bracket is used to fix stages in Z configuration.
2CP173-50-20 Connecting Plate is used to stack stages in XY configuration.
3UBP-04 Universal Base Plate is required to fix stages or whole assembly to a flat surface e.g. optical table. Bottom of the stages is made with a series of holes for direct mounting - please see the drawing.

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Narrow Motorized Translation Stages