8MT175 - Motorized Linear Stages

Motorized Linear Stages
Compact design
Motorized linear stages
Resolution 0.31 µm (1/8 step)
High guide way accuracy
Lead screw pitch 0.5 mm
X-Y-Z configurations available
50, 100, 150, 200 mm travel range
Manual version :
7T175-100, 7T175-150
Model for vacuum

Motorized Linear Stages 8MT175. Resolution of the motorized linear stages can be increased by using a step division function (up to 1/8 of the step) of our controllers. Stages equipped with DC or DC for vacuum motors are available, example: 8MT175-50DCE, 8MT175V-50DCE.

8MT175-100 X-Y-Z

Angle Bracket 2AB175 is used to transform "horizontal translators into vertical ones.

Motorized linear stage has a motor protruding from its bottom. In order to place such stages on flat surfaces you need a Base Plate 3UBP175-50.

8MT175-50 X-Y
In X-Y configuration motorized linear stages are stacked directly using M6 screws.

8MT175V-VSS42 Compatible with 10-6 Torr vacuum.

*Test condition: • STANDA controllers; • Power supply – 36V.

Lead screw pitch0.5 mm
Resolution in full step*2.5 µm
Resolution in 1/8 step0.31 µm
Max. speed*10 mm/s
Load capacity
Horizontal8 kg
Vertical3 kg
Motor connectorDB9(M)
(wiring diagram)
Stepper motor4247
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Mechanical end limit switches2
Switch polaritypushed is closed
Ordering Information
Model Travel
8MT175-100 100 1.5
8MT175-100-MEn1 100 1.5
8MT175-150 150 1.5
8MT175-150-MEn1 150 1.5
8MT175-200 200 1.6
8MT175-200-MEn1 200 1.6
8MT175-50 50 1
8MT175-50-MEn1 50 1
8MT175V-100-VSS42 100 1.5
8MT175V-150-VSS42 150 1.5
8MT175V-200-VSS42 200 1.6
8MT175V-50-VSS42 50 1
- ...-MEn1 models have motor with integrated rotary ecoder
- ...-VSS42 are vacuum compatible models (up to 10-6 Torr)

Motorized Linear Stages