Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
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5OM37-TPF - Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
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Special flat spring for improved stability versatility and durability

Kinematics, orthogonal angular adjustments

Vertical and horizontal mounting

8° range, 6 arcsec sensitivity

Unlimited optics length

Made of steel

Optics Mount 5OM37-50TPF offers possibility not only to hold optics of different size and shape but also grants orthogonal angular adjustment. Accepts objects from 20 mm to 50 mm in height. Unique property of this mount is that the length is not limited – this comes handy when application requires optics to be centered. Smooth and gentle securing of the inserted element is provided by the metal spring from above and two contact lines from below.

Highly Stable Precision L-shaped Optical Mounts are designed on the basis of two angular adjustment mounts, and are produced of steel with black chemical finishing. Special figure spring is used in these Mounts for two purposes:
1. It provides pre-loading against the tips of two precise driving screws for elimination of backlash.
2. It ensures the absence of the roll coordinate.

The Highly Stable Precision L-shaped Optical Mounts have two M10x1 threaded mounting holes for mounting of the actuators. This allows to use all STANDA driving screws with these mounts. M6 tapped holes on the sides provide a wide variety of mounting configurations, either horizontal or vertical.

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Fine screw mounting threadM10x1
Angular range
Acceptable height of optics
5OM37-50TPF(-9S7C)20 mm to 50 mm
5OM37-20TPF(-9S7C)0 mm – 25 mm
Sensitivity 0.5 mm fine thread6 arcsec
Sensitivity 0.25 mm fine thread 3.4 arcsec
Screw used
in ...TPF models9S65M
in ...TPF-9S7C models9S7C-8
Mounting threadM6 (3 holes)
Ordering Information
Model Price  
5OM37-20TPF € 106.00
5OM37-20TPF-9S7C € 85.00
5OM37-50TPF € 109.00
5OM37-50TPF-9S7C € 88.00

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