Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
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1FC - Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
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The Shield from electromagnetic & electrostatic interference

Freestanding or easy mountable on existing bench top

Exist a model with untied anti-vibrating bottom

Lightweight construction

Easy assembling/disassembling (User Manual)

2 Cable ports included
(could be placed in desired position by request)
. .

Standa Faraday Cage (Enclosure) is a convenient solution for reducing electromagnetic interference from affecting sensitive experiments or processes, for example, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology, sensor calibration and etc.

The cage has lightweight construction, it incorporates aluminum profiles with special electroconductive anodizing and fine copper mesh (wire Ø0.16mm, openings width - 0.3mm). Front panel is held in place by magnets and could be easily removed for interior access. The cage comes with two cable ports by default. Additional cable ports 1FC-CP could be ordered and easily mounted in any desired place.

The model 1FC-075-09-10.6 is supplied with 2 mm thick stainless steel bottom sheet and could be considered as Freestanding Faraday Cage. It could be mounted on any type of 1TS supports and could be used with appropriately sized optical breadboards inside the Faraday Cage to create convenient mounting area for equipment.

 Faraday Enclosure Mounted on Optical Table
1FC-075-09-10.6BFaraday enclosure covers part of optical table area
Faraday enclosure model 1FC-075-09-10.6B is supplied without bottom for mounting it on any flat electroconductive surface, for example, optical table or breadboard. It makes possible to cover already existing working area or setup.

Faraday Cage Workstation with Vibration Isolated Bottom Optical Breadboard Faraday Cage with Untied Vibration Isolated Bottom
1FC-075-09-10.6W- Faraday Workstation with untied anti-vibrating honeycomb breadboard bottom.
Faraday Workstation 1FC-075-09-10.6W is a system where the Faraday Enclosure is mounted on the top of the 1VIS10W-075-09-77 Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation through the special stainless steel base tray. The system provides independency between Faraday Enclosure and its anti-vibrating bottom and ensures faraday cage properties. It could be supplied either as a whole system or as a separate parts needed to turn already existing Standa anti-vibration workstation 1VIS10W-075-09-77 into faraday workstation. The front side of the workstation could be equipped with wooden armrest 1VIS10WArm-900 as an option.

Ordering Information
Model Product Description Availability  
1FC-075-09-10.6 Freestanding Faraday Cage 2-3 weeks
1FC-075-09-10.6B Faraday Enclosure (no bottom) 2-3 weeks
1FC-075-09-10.6W Faraday Cage Anti-Vibration Workstation 3 weeks
1FC-CP42 Cable Port Ø42 mm (additional) 1 week
1FC-CP100 Cable Port Ø100 mm (additional) 1 week
1FC-CPxx Custom Ø Cable Port 2 weeks
1VIS10WArm-900 Wooden Armrest 1 week
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