Fresnel Rhomb

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14FR - Fresnel Rhomb

Fresnel Rhomb
Fresnel Rhomb Retarders
Achromatic Retarders

Beam deviation £ 10arcsec

Anti-reflection coated

Standa manufactures Fresnel Rhombs and mounts for them. 14FR is a combination of a rhomb with a mount (see drawings). Fresnel Rhombs are made of BK7 crown glass or UV grade fused silica. A Single Fresnel Rhomb produces a phase shift of 90° (l/4) due to total internal reflections at two surfaces. A Double Fresnel Rhomb produces a phase shift of 180° (l/2) between the components of light polarized perpendicular and parallel to the plane of incidence. It consists of two optically contacted (or air spaced) single Fresnel l/4 Rhombs. The retardation varies only slightly over a relatively wide range of wavelengths. Fresnel Rhombs mounts are cylindrical in shape. The end faces of a Fresnel retarder are adjusted orthogonal to the axis of rotation. The clear aperture of the mount is 10 mm. There are several ways to mount the 10FR Fresnel rhomb retarder:
- on any adjustable unit (e.g. a stage) by the M6 and M4 tapped holes
- to our Polarizer Holder as 5PH50, 5PH51 or other compatible unit using the M27x1 thread

Material BK7 or UVFS
Beam deviation ≤ 10arcsec
Coating AR coating
Available wavelength ranges:
UV 260 - 400 nm
VIS 400 – 700 nm
NIR1 700 – 1300 nm
NIR21300 – 1600 nm
Ordering Information
Model Retardation wavelenght range, nm L, mm l, mm
14FR1-NIR1-M27 single (λ/4) 700-1300 39.5 23.5
14FR1-NIR2-M27 single (λ/4) 1300-1600 39.5 23.5
14FR1-UV-M27 single (λ/4) 260-400 33.5 17.5
14FR1-VIS-M27 single (λ/4) 400-700 39.5 23.5
14FR2-NIR1-M27 double (λ/2) 700-1300 62 46
14FR2-NIR2-M27 double (λ/2) 1300-1600 62 46
14FR2-UV-M27 double (λ/2) 260-400 50 34
14FR2-VIS-M27 double (λ/2) 400-700 62 46

Fresnel Rhomb