Variable Wheel Attenuator
Variable Wheel Attenuator
Variable Wheel Attenuator
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10WA168 - Variable Wheel Attenuator
Variable Wheel Attenuator
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4 wheels, each containing 3 filters & 1 empty space
4 fixed positions per wheel
Maximum thickness 3 mm
Filter diameter - Ø20/Ø25.4 mm
Non-parallel filters (inclined by 4°)
Maximum deviation 0.09 mm
Clear aperture Ø18/Ø20 mm
C-mount threads on both ends
Connecting adapters available
Motorised Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
Motorized Variable Wheel Attenuator
Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator

Variable Wheel Attenuator 10WA168 is a basic model with 4 filter-set wheels. Each wheel contains 4 filter mounts each of Ø20 mm with clear aperture of Ø18 mm. Each filter mount is inclined by 4°to avoid retroreflections. Each wheel has 4 fixed positions. You can use any of these 4 filter positions as an optical axis. The back and front panels do not obscure them. Both panels have 1"-32 threaded holes (C-Mounts). Additionally you may order standard connecting adapters 10AR168, 10A168 and 10R168. Custom adapters are available. Variable wheel attenuator mounts through M6 hole in the bottom plate.
Weight: 0.35 kg

Transmission Filter #1 Filter #2 Filter #3 Filter #4
Wheel #1 T 1.00 0.90 0.80 0.50
dB 0.00 0.46 0.97 3.00
Wheel #2 T 1.00 0.30 0.10 0.03
dB 0.00 5.20 10.00 15.20
Wheel #3 T 1.00 0.01 0.003 0.001
dB 0.00 20.00 25.00 30.00
Wheel #4 T 1.00 0.0003 0.0001 0.00003
dB 0.00 35.00 40.00 45.00
Variable Two-wheel Attenuator 10WA168-20-2

According to your request we may design an attentuator with any number of wheels.
10WA168-1-2 model is designed to accept 1" (25.4mm) filters with maximum thickness of 3mm. This model comes WITHOUT filters
10WA168-20-2 model is designed to accept 20 mm filters with maximum thickness of 3mm. Filters are included - please select 6 filters from our standard 12 filter set (see table above).

Ordering Information
Model Filters  
10WA168-1 16 (not included)
10WA168-1-2 8 (not included)
10WA168-20 12 (included)
10WA168-20-2 6 (included)
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