10IB - Iris Diaphragm Mount

Iris Diaphragm Mount
Iris Diaphragms

Mounted Iris Diaphragms

Iris Diaphragm Mounts are used in our Mounted Iris Diaphragms 10IB-M. For your convenience we now offer iris diaphragm mounts separately. The mounts have an open gap for the iris diaphragm lever to travel freely, as well as an M4 hole at the bottom for mounting on posts and other equipment. To find the right mount for your iris diaphragm, refer to "inner diameter" in the product list below. This parameter should be equal to outer diameter of your iris diaphragm. For more information on iris diaphragms 10IB please visit this page. For iris diaphragms complete with mounts please visit this page.

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Ordering Information
Model Inner
10IB-10 10
10IB-12 12
10IB-14 14
10IB-14.8 14.8
10IB-15 15
10IB-15.5 15.5
10IB-19.8 19.8
10IB-20 20
10IB-22 22
10IB-24 24
10IB-25 25
10IB-28 28
10IB-29 29
10IB-30 30
10IB-31 31
10IB-37 37
10IB-39 39
10IB-40 40
10IB-48 48
10IB-48.5 48.5
10IB-49 49
10IB-50 50
10IB-60 60
10IB-70 70
10IB-82 82

Iris Diaphragm Mount