7T173 - Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow

Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow
10, 20 mm travel ranges
Optional travel: 5, 6, 25, 30 mm
Stackable for compact X-Y-Z configuration
Custom angle brackets are made promptly
Driving micrometer screw
Precise ball bearings
Material: black anodized aluminium

Translation Stages 7T173 allow manual linear motion. Our standard micrometers 9S75M are used as driving screws. Customer may specify other screws, e.g. with non-matching travel range to save space. A Platform is spring preloaded against the driving screw to provide high resolution, low backlash, smooth and accurate motion. An array of mounting holes on a platform and on a base provide a variety of convenient mounting options, including mounting on 3MP series Posts.

Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow

For quick X-Y assembly and for Z (7T173-10; 7T173-20) stages may be stacked (see drawings) using connecting cones 3CC4 (Ø7.1 holes with fixing screws on the sides are provided). For very reliable X-Y-Z construction Z axis could be connected to the X-Y assembly by angle bracket 2AB173.

2CP173-20 connecting plate for stacking the narrow stages in X-Y motion.

Sensitivity 1 µm
Tracking accuracy 2 µm
Reading accuracy 5 µm
(1/2 division)
Load capacity:
Horizontal10 kg
Vertical5 kg
Ordering Information
Model Travel range,
Price Availability
7T173-10 10 0.15 € 231.00 today
7T173-20 20 0.19 € 263.00 today
7T173-25 25 0.21 € 318.00 today
7T173-30 30 0.23 € 328.00 today

Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow