Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
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11D-SPO-COM - Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
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For high accuracy real time display of:
- position
- power measurements
- centration or displacement
Align beams and quality control of optical systems
Measure target rotation and displacement
Monitor vibration, deflection and motion
3 types of position sensing detectors are available
Direct data logging to Excel files
Software for android OS is optional

High accuracy compact beam positioning system. All electronics are built-in within the sensor head. Connects directly to PC via USB 2.0 interface.


A simple, fast and cost effective device to control laser beams in real time. Transforms your personal computer into a powerful measurement instrument. The standard program user interface includes a numerical and graphical presentation of position and power, long term fluctuation (Strip Chart type).Several different PSDs are available for sensing the position of beam’s centroid incident on the detector’s surface.


Detector 11D-SPO-COM-L 11D-SPO-COM-L04 11D-SPO-COM-Q
Sensor principle Lateral effect Lateral effect Four quadrant
Size 9mmx9mm 4mmx4mm 10mmx10mm
Type Dual-axis Si resin No glass Dual-axis Si resin No glass 4XSi resin sectors separated by 30µm gap, no glass cover
Usable beam size 50µm to Ø9mm 50µm to Ø4mm 50µm to Ø5mm
Position measurement range 9x9mm 4x4mm One beam radius up to ±2.5mm
Position resolution Down to 0.1µm at 50Hz digital filter plus averaging Down to 0.1µm at 50Hz digital filter plus averaging Down to 0.25% of beam size
Position accuracy ±12.5µm over 9mm dia. ±6µm over 4mm dia. ±1µm or ±0.025% of beam size
Update rate Max 150Hz at 500Hz digital filter
Spectral range 350-1100nm
Power range 1µW to 10mW with attenuating ND filters
Power accuracy (*) ±5%

(*)To maintain full calibration accuracy, attenuating optical filters may be necessary for operation with beams greater than 1 mW. Saturating "non-linear" effects depend on the beam size, type and wavelength, but caution should be exercised when using the 4Quad PSD above 3-6mW or the Lateral Effect PSD above 1-3mW.

Device Package

Sensor head with built-in electronics, USB 2.0 mini 1.8m cable, software and user manual on CD, Carrying case.

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium 4, 2.4GHz with 128MB RAM, 15MB HDD, CD ROM, Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64 bit), 1 x USB2.0 port.

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