Motorized Polarizer Rotator
Motorized Polarizer Rotator
Motorized Polarizer Rotator
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8MPR16-1 - Motorized Polarizer Rotator
Motorized Polarizer Rotator
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Waveplates, polarizers, prisms rotator

Ultra-thin compact design

For 1’’ (25.4mm) optics by default

Low optical axis height

High stability and accuracy

Cage system compatibility

Adapters for other optics dimensions available

8MPR16-1 motorized polarizer mount provides smooth, high accuracy, high repeatability and stability continuous 360° rotation of the polarization optical components with diameters up to 1’ (25.4mm) or 1/2’ (12.7mm), Glan Taylor prisms and other objects. Ultra-thin profile of the stage minimizes difficulties of polarizers integration  in optical schemes and systems with small gaps between elements. Motorized polarizer rotator has a low optical axis height relative to the mounting base. Additional plates installation on the rotator for 30 mm and 60 mm cage systems are allowable.  There are two fluoroplastic rings and two retaining rings for 1’ (25.4mm) optics fixing which are included in standard stage set.

Motorized Polarizer Rotator has M4 mounting holes at the sides of the motorized rotator for fixing it according to the requirements, available space and situation. It can be fixed on mounting posts or connected with adjustable plates and angle brackets. Stage can be used in horizontal position using base plate 3BP8MPR16-1.

8MPR16-1 can be equipped with adapter for prism up to 16 x 16 mm, also with adapter for 0.5 inch optics or rotating platform with M3 holes.

Travel range360°
OpticsØ1" (25.4 mm)
Available adaptersØ0.5" (12.7 mm)
for prisms10 x 10 mm
12 x 12 mm
14 x 14 mm
16 x 16 mm
in full step
0.75 arcmin
(80 steps = 1°)
Resolution 1/256

0.17 arcsec
Home position
<1 arcmin
Eccentricity10 μm
Max. speed4 turns/min
Limit SwitchesHall Sensor (1 pcs.)
Switch polarityPushed is closed
Gear reduction rate1:90
Load capacity
Vertical1 kg
Horizontal0.4 kg
Stepper MotorF10/16-3
power supply
12V, PS12-1.5-4
Cable length1.2 m
Base materialAluminum
FinishBlack anodizing
Environment pressureAtmosphere
10-3 torr on request
Base plates3BP8MPR16,
Angle bracket2AB8MPR16
Weight0.25 kg
Ordering Information
Model Description  
8MPR16-1 Metric Motorized Polarizer Rotator
5A-MPR16-TR Thrust Ring Adaptor
(additionally required for Ø1" optics
thicker than 5.5 mm (11.5 mm max.))
2AB8MPR16 Universal Angle Bracket
3BP8MPR16 Universal Base Plate
3BP8MPR16-1 Universal Base Plate with Aperture
5A-M27-0.5 Ø0.5" (12.7 mm) Optics Adapter
5A-M27-10SQ 10 x 10 mm Prism Adapter
5A-M27-12SQ 12 x 12 mm Prism Adapter
5A-M27-14SQ 14 x 14 mm Prism Adapter
5A-M27-16SQ 16 x 16 mm Prism Adapter
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