Servo Motion Controller
Servo Motion Controller
Servo Motion Controller
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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
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SPiiPlusEC - Servo Motion Controller
Servo Motion Controller
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Control of 64 fully synchronized axes.
Up to 5KHz rate of profile generation and EtherCAT cycle.
Up to 1GbE Ethernet host communication.
Comprehensive set of support tools for: EtherCAT Network setup, axis tuning, application development, diagnostics and dynamic error compensation.
Flexible to program in different types of programming environments.
NetwrokBoostTM for network failure detection and recovery with ring topology.
ServoBoostTM for automatic system recalibration.
Open Architecture - ACS’ and other third party EtherCATdevices, drives and I/O.

SPiiPlusEC is fully integrated withStanda 8MTL series linear motor stages and Standa 8SMC4-USB motion controllers.

SPiiPlusEC is a state-of-the-art line of EtherCat motion controllers. The SPiiPlusEC motion controller is based on powerful, single board computer, specially designed for high performance real-time motion control applications.

SPiiPlusEC is prepared to generate 3rd order motion profileswith multi-axis look ahead, velocity/acceleration/jerk limiting through corners and on the fly trajectory modification.

SPiiPlusECis cost effective solution for building and control of multi axis systems if high performance of motion system is required.

Position synchronized laser triggering(PST) designedby ACS results in near zero latency and 4 MHz triggering pulse output rate. This unique feature allows separating the laser pulses in nm scale, when the operating velocity of motion system is in m/s scale. In addition, PST functionality could be extended with near zero direct position reading from feedback devices.

Additional G-Code extension allow user to operate through CAD/CAM/CAE systems. It means, that motion path and trajectories could be generated and compiled through standard G&M Code generating application.

Remote testing of application environment and rapid programing capability is allowed through SPiiPlusEC Controller Simulation software.

3rd Party EtherCAT Drive and I/O can be integrated to the ACS products family and work simultaneously in single network..

ServoBoostTMextension allows user to do not worry about the load changes and servo system instability after changing its dynamical characteristic. This extension identifies disturbances in real time, analyzes the root cause of the disturbance, compensates for it and attenuates its impact. Consequently there is improved machine performance: Faster settling, better stability, lower jitter, better constant velocity, automatic adaptation to large changes in load and system parameters, automatic compensation of disturbances, resonances, axes interaction, cogging and more.

Number of Axes 2,4,8,16,32,64
Motion Types Multi-axis point-to-point, jog, tracking and sequential multi-point motion
Multi-axis segmented motion with look-ahead
Arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation
Third order profiles (S-curve)
Smooth on-the-fly change of target position or velocity
Inverse/Forward kinematics and coordinate transformations (at application level)
Master-slave with position and velocity locking (electronic gear/cam)
Compensation Linear error, Backlash, Cogging, Sin Cos Encoder, Skew Correction
Error mapping, unlimited
Control Advanced PIV cascade structure
Gantry MIMO control
Dual feedback/ loop control
Disturbance rejection control
Gain Scheduling
ServoboostTM algorithum (Optional )
Programming Loop shaping filters (Optional )
- Real-time program(s) execution
- Up to 64 simultaneously running programs
IEC61131-3 (PLC) languages: IL, ST, LD, FBD, SFC
NC programs (G-code)
C/C++, .NET, LabView and many others
Communication Interfaces Serial: Two RS-232. Up to 115,200 bps
Ethernet: One, TCP/IP, 100/1000 MbE
Two EtherCAT ports: Primary and secondary; Rate: 100 Mbit/sec; Protocols: CoE and FoE
Profile Generation Rate from 2kHz up 5kHz
Firmware Features Analog Power Control regulates laser power or material dispensing processes relation to the speed vector
Corner Detection/Look Ahead algorithm maintains constant vector velocity and optimizes velocity, acceleration and jerk time through corner to maximize throughput
I/O Thousands of integrated analog and digital I/Os
Watchdog timer and remote interlock
Trigger Out Position Event Generated (PEG) digital output triggering of lasers based on motion path, 4Mhz rate
Power Suplies Drive Supply: 12Vdc to 48Vdc
Supported EtherCAT Modules All ACS EtherCAT network modules
Dimensions (W x D x H) 158x124x45 mm
Weight 0.45kg
Certificates CE, UL

Ordering Information
Model Details  
SP+EC-02000032NNNDNDNN 2 Axis Controller
SP+EC-04000032NANDNDNN 4 Axis Controller with Servoboost
SP+EC-04000032NNNDNDNN 4 Axis Controller
SP+EC-08000032NBNDNDNN 8 Axis Controller with Servoboost
SP+EC-08000032NNNDNDNN 8 Axis Controller
SP+EC-16000032NDNDNDNN 16 Axis Controller with Servoboost
SP+EC-16000032NNNDNDNN 16 Axis Controller
SP+EC-32000032NHNDNDNN 32 Axis Controller with Servoboost
SP+EC-32000032NNNDNDNN 32 Axis Controler
SP+EC-64000032NNNDNDNN 64 Axis Controller
SP+EC-64000032NNYDNDNN 64 Axis Controller with input shaping
SP+EC-64000032NQNDNDNN 64 Axis Controller with Servoboost
SP+EC-64000032NQYDNDNN 64 Axis Controller with Servoboost and input shaping
SP+EC-X-options Additional configuration can be customized through here
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