Compact Servo Motion Driver
Compact Servo Motion Driver
Compact Servo Motion Driver
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UDMlc - Compact Servo Motion Driver
Compact Servo Motion Driver
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Universal dual/quad axis Drive Modules for EtherCAT networks.
12…48Vdc, up to 10A peak current
Digital control for easy setup and diagnostics
Universal drive, supporting any of the following type of motors by software settings only: 2, 3 phase AC Servo / DC brushless, DC Brush, Voice coils, Closed and Open loop step motors
Sinusoidal commutation method for BLDC motors ,
Feedback system allow to use: 4 digital incremental encoders or 2 absolute encoders (optional)
Digital I/O (all can be used as general purpose I/O):
Inputs: 4 Registration Mark;
Outputs: 1 PEG, 4 motor brake (24V, 0.5A)
Compact footprint: 100x75x48
Servo motion including: Advanced PIV cascaded structure, Loop shaping filters, Gain Scheduling, Gantry MIMO control (2.5/5model only), Dual feedback / loop control, Disturbance rejection control

The UDMLC is a series of small footprint EtherCAT modules with dual/ quad-axis universal drives for servo, stepper, and voice coil motors with a power range of 10W to >200W. The type of motor is selected by the user and can be set differently for each drive without hardware change.It is available in three current levels (cont./peak per axis): 1.25/2.5A, 2.5/5A or 5/10A (dual axis version only), and has inputs for four digital incremental and two absolute encoders.The unit is powered by a 12 to 48Vdc motor bus voltage supply and by a separate 15 to 48Vdc control supply that keeps all logic signals alive during emergency conditions.

The miniature size, low weight, and minimal cable interface makes the SPiiPlusUDMLC ideal for mounting remotely on moving axes.

Number of Axes 2 or 4 axes (optional)
Motor types 2/3 Phase BLDC
2/3 Phase DC
Voice Coil
Stepper motor (Open and Closed loop)
Output Voltage/Current 12 to 48Vdc/up to 5A continuous(peak is double)
Control Methods Advanced PIV cascade structure
Gantry MIMO control
Dual feedback/ loop control
Disturbance rejection control
Gain Scheduling
ServoboostTM algorithum (Optional )
Loop shaping filters (Optional )
Servo Rate Current ripple frequency: 40 kHz
Current loop sampling rate: 20 kHz
Programmable Current loop bandwidth: up to 5 kHz
Feedback Incremental digital encoders
Absolute Encoder
Hall sensors: Four ( a sets of three per axis)
5V feedback suuply (max 1A)
Comprehensive I/O Safety inputs: Left and right limits
4 general-purpose / Registration MARK inputs,
2 general purpose / motor brake outputs (24V, 0.1A)
PEG (Position Event Generator) outputs,
2 analog inputs, ±10V,
±/SPI Interface
Power Suplies Drive Supply: 12Vdc to 48Vdc
Control Supply: 15Vdc to 48Vdc (max: 15W)
Drive Protection Over voltage
Under voltage
Phase-to-phase short circuit
Short to ground
Over current
Over temperature
Communication Interfaces EtherCAT, In/Out (RJ45 connector)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 100x75x48 mm
Weight 0.25kg
Certificates CE, UL

Ordering Information
Model Details  
UDMlc20012N010N 2 Axis Driver for 1.25 A continues current and increment feedback
UDMlc20022N010N 2 Axis Driver for 2.5 A continues current and increment feedback
UDMlc20052N010N 2 Axis Driver for 5 A continues current and increment feedback
UDMlc40014N010N 4 Axis Driver for 1.25 A continues current and increment feedback
UDMlc40024N010N 4 Axis Driver for 2.5 A continues current and increment feedback
UDMlc-X-options Additional configuration can be customized through here
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