Linear Motor Positioning Stage
Linear Motor Positioning Stage
Linear Motor Positioning Stage
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8MT167-25 / 8MT167S-25 - Linear Motor Positioning Stage
Linear Motor Positioning Stage
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Linear Motor Positioning Stage
DC-motor-driven configuration is available with resolutions of 1 µm and 0.1 µm.
High stiffness and thermal stability with a low profile design
Manual version of Linear Positioning Stages
Version for vacuum

8MT167-25BS1 / 8MT167-25LS with insert platform 7T167-25.07-01

Motorized Translation Stages 8MT167-25BS1, unlike the 8MT167-25LS, is designed for high-speed movement. Used ball bearing lead screw makes movement fast and smooth. The positioner also can be used with microscope on XY axles. As shown in the pictures, the upper plate has a removable insert in the center, the size of which 2 inches, the base plate is made with slot size of 51 x 76 mm, on the same vertical. Linear Motor Positioning Stage provides high-resolution motion as well as high stability performance.

"Mirror" versions available:
8MT167M-25BS1 and 8MT167M-25LS
Versions with solid platform available:
8MT167S-25BS1 and 8MT167S-25LS
2AB167-25 Angle bracket is used to transform "horizontal" translators into vertical ones, result is 8MT167-25 XYZ 3 axis translation system


Model 8MT167-25BS1
8MT167M-25BS1 8MT167-25LS
Travel range, mm 25 25 25 25
Resolution full step, µm 5 5 1.25 1.25
Resolution 1/8 step, µm 0.625 0.625 0.156 0.156
Ball screw pitch, mm 1 1 - -
Lead screw pitch, mm - - 0.25 0.25
Repeatability, µm 1.5 1.5 1 1
Maximum speed, mm/s 25 25 6 6
Maximum load
Horizontal, kg    30 30 30 30
Vertical, kg    7 7 7 7
Mechanical end limit switches 2, Pushed is "closed"
Cable 1.6 m long cable included
Motor connector HDB15(M) (wiring diagram)
Stepper motor 28
Weight 0.8 kg 0.8 kg 0.8 kg 0.8 kg
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB

Ordering Information
Model Additional info  
8MT167-25LS-MEn1 with encoder
8MT167M-25BS1 Mirror version
8MT167M-25LS Mirror version
8MT167S-25BS1 Solid platform without aperture
8MT167S-25LS Solid platform without aperture
8MT167S-25LS-MEn1 Solid platform without aperture, with encoder

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