Motorized Translation Stage
Motorized Translation Stage
Motorized Translation Stage
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8MT167-100 - Motorized Translation Stage
Motorized Translation Stage
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Motorized translation stage
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Version for vacuum

Motorized Translation Stage 8MT167-100 is designed on the basis of 7T167-50 translator. The movement is produced by a stepper motor through the reducing gear and a lead-screw. There are 1000 steps per millimeter. Individual units are accompanied by indication of electrical parameters and connection schemes of the motors. The motors have 200 steps per revolution. To drive the motor, we offer a range of controllers. Controllers can drive the motor in 1,1/2,1/4,1/8 step division mode. There are microstepping controllers, available from other manufacturers, which divide a step into 10 parts. Mechanics of 8MT167-100 translation stage can be easily attached to any type of stepping motor or servo motor of your choice. Motorized translation stage motor or controller is available upon request. With the help of a Connecting Plate 2CP167-100 and Angle Bracket 2AB167-50 it is possible to assemble translation stage in two or three coordinates. Reduction gear with a motor constitute a Lead Block of the stage. If it obstructs any specific space the lead block of the motorized translation stages may be repositioned on the stage by detaching and replacing it in desired orientation or displacement. See diagrams below.

Possible mounting positions of the Lead Block in the motorized translation stage

For clear bottom plate surface. For clear top plate surface.

At different positions along the axis of the motorized translation stage.


Motorized Translation Stage 8MT167-100C28
View drawings 8MT167-100C28 View drawings 8MT167-100-28 View drawings 8MT167-100DCE2
Motorized translation stage with stepper motor 28 and connector DB9(M) on motor itself. Motorized translation stage with stepper motor 28. Motorized translation stage with DC motor.

To stack the 8MT167 motorized translation stages in X-Y-Z coordinates you need a connecting plate 2CP167-100 and an angle bracket 2AB167-50

8MT167S-100 models are made
with solid platform. View drawings

Model 8MT167-100
Travel range, mm 100 100 100 100
Resolution full step, µm 1 1 1 -
Resolution 1/8 step, µm 0.125 0.125 0.125 -
Lead screw pitch, mm 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Reduction motor/screw 2.5:1 2.5:1 2.5:1 11:1
Minimal incremental motion, µm - - - 0.2
Resolution(calculated), µm - - - 0.023
Bi-direction repeatability*, µm 2 2 2 0.8
Maximum speed, mm/s 5 5 5 5.5
Maximum load, kg
Horizontal    7 7 7 7
Vertical    3 3 3 3
Mechanical end limit switches 2, Pushed is "closed"
Cable 1.6 m lenght
Motor connector DB9(M)
(wiring diagram)
(wiring diagram)
(wiring diagram)
(wiring diagram)
Motor 4247 28 28 DCE RE25
Weight, kg 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.5
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB

*After backlash compensation. Backlash compensation value provided with each actuator.

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