Motorized Rotation Stage
Motorized Rotation Stage
Motorized Rotation Stage
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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
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8MR174-11 - Motorized Rotation Stage
Motorized Rotation Stage
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Small rotary positioner with different motors alternatives

Provides precision 360° continuous rotation

Ø11 mm center clear aperture

Vacuum version

8MR174-11-28, 7T184-13
(2 pieces) and 7VT174-5 stacked.

3UBP universal base plates for stacking the translation stages to STANDA optical tables or to another stages.


Motor VSS42
All characteristics like non-vacuum model.
Compatible with 10-6 Torr vacuum.


Model 8MR174(E)-11-28 8MR174(E)-11-28S 8MR174(E)-11-20 8MR174(E)V-11-VSS42
Rotation Range 360°
Resolution in full step* 0.9 arcmin (0.015°)
Uni-directional Repeatability 0.4 arcmin
Bi-directional Repeatability 1.6 arcmin
Max. rotation speed* 75°/s (36V) 30°/s (12V) 50°/s (36V) 20°/s (12V)
Wobble 1 arcmin
Eccentricity 10 µm
Load capacity
Horizontal 4 kg 4 kg 3 kg 4 kg
Radial 1.5 kg
Torque 0.5 Nm 0.35 Nm 0.15 Nm 0.5 Nm
Integrated cable 1.6 m length vacuum compatible cable 1.6 m length
Motor connector HDB15(M)
Stepper motor #28: bipolar, 200 (1.8°) steps, 6.8 Om, 0.67A #28S: bipolar, 200 (1.8°) steps, 5.6 Om, 0.67A #20: bipolar, 200 (1.8°) steps, 5.4 Om, 0.6A #VSS42: bipolar, 200 (1.8°) steps, 1.7 Om, 1.2A
Weight 0.4 kg 0.35 kg 0.3 kg 0.45 kg
Overall Dimensions,
L x W x H
115x52x29 mm
102x52x29 mm
94.5x48x26 mm
116x59x42 mm
(vacuum compatible)
Recommended controllers 8SMC5-USB series
Mechanical home reference switch 1, pushed is "closed"

*Test condition: STANDA controllers; Power supply – 36V

Ordering Information
Model Price Availability  
8MR174-11-20 metric € 798.00 today
8MR174-11-28 metric € 798.00 today
8MR174-11-28S metric € 798.00 today
8MR174E-11-20 imperial /
€ 848.00 request
8MR174E-11-28 imperial /
€ 848.00 request
8MR174E-11-28S imperial /
€ 848.00 request
8MR174EV-11-VSS42 imperial /
request request
8MR174V-11-VSS42 metric request request
In the video below motorized rotation stage 8MR174-11-28 is mounted vertically within multi-axis system.

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