Active Vibration Isolation System
Active Vibration Isolation System
Active Vibration Isolation System
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1TS-140 - Active Vibration Isolation System
Active Vibration Isolation System
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Active Vibration Isolation System
The isolation of the 1TS-140 begins at 0,7 Hz,
increasing rapidly to 40 dB beyond 10 Hz
The lack of any low frequency resonance means
much better performance than with common passive
damping approaches
The inherent stiffness of the 1TS-140 imparts
excellent directional + positional stability
The outstanding isolation performance of the 1TS-140
includes all six linear and rotational vibration modes

Active isolation systems offer a solution, which combines stiffness with a very short settling time. The most useful active systems employ inertial velocity in a feedback loop. (Inertial velocity can be measured for example by integration the signal from an accelerometer). A signal proportional to inertial velocity is very similar to a viscous damping force, but with the very important difference that the damping is relative to an inertial plane. So in contrast to the passive system, by increasing the damping, the system becomes ‘glued’ to the inertial plane which by definition means the system is isolated from the environment.

Active isolation system and microscope Transmissibility curve
Breadboard combined with isolator
1TS-140B with breadboard 1HB05-06-025-001

Isolationdynamic 0.7 Hz to 200 Hz,
mainly passive at higher frequencies,
although for good stability the feedback is
active to at least 2 KHz
TransmissibilitySee curve. Above 10 Hz
transmissibility <0.01 (-40dB)
Maximum load140 kg
Dimensions500x600x80 mm
Self - weight23 kg
Safety class1
Power consumptionmaximum 10 W when isolating,
maximum 20W during load adjustment
Input voltage 90 – 120V AC, 47 – 63 Hz /
200 – 240V AC, 47 – 63 Hz
Fuses2x1.6A/250V slow, located in the power
socket on the rear side of the unit
Normal Environmental
Protection classIP 20
Temperature range5°C - 40°C
Relative Humidity10 - 90% (5 - 30°C) /
10 - 60% (30 - 40°C)
AltitudeUp to 2000 m (6.500 ft)
Ordering Information
Model Ordering Information  
1TS-140 solid board without holes
1TS-140B with stainless steel breadboard
1TS-140B-AL with aluminium breadbord
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