1HB-AL - Optical Breadboards: Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized

Optical  Breadboards:  Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized
Aluminum Honeycomb Breadboards with

Black Anodized Top Surface

Metric or imperial holes pattern
50 mm overall thickness
Low-weight honeycomb breadboard solution
Standa technologies allowed to introduce all aluminum honeycomb optical breadboards with black top surface anodizing which significantly decreases backscatter for any optical setup mounted on such breadboard. Together with sufficient stiffness and flatness those breadboards have >10% lower weight than solid aluminum breadbords of 1BL series and are almost 3 times lighter than stainless steel honeycomb optical breadboards series - 1HB.
1HB-AL breadboards are ideal for optical setups and are good for portable systems also are great for applications in the environment where non-magnetic instrumentation is a necessity.

Optical breadboard clamped on optical table

Get to know more about types of breadboards in 1 minute video.
Standa optical breadboard selection guide:

1HB-AL Breadboards

50 mm (1.97")
Flatness±0.15 mm (± 0.006")
over 0.3 m2
Top skin
Thickness6 mm
Materialblack anodized
Mounting Holes
MetricM6 tapped holes
on 25 mm centers
Imperial1/4"-20 tapped holes
on 1" centers
Honeycomb Core
Material0.5 mm thick
Bottom plateBlack finished
Custom Breadboard
Max. Width (W)900 mm
Max. Length (L)1800 mm
Max. Thickness120 mm
Ordering Information
Model Mounting
(W x L), mm
Price Availability
1HB-AL-02-04-05-BL metric 200x400 today
1HB-AL-05-05-05-BL metric 500x500 today
1HB-AL-05-08-05-BL metric 500x800 16.00 today
1HB-AL-06-09-05-BL metric 600x900 20.2 today
1HB-AL-custom metric custom - request
1HB-AL-E-02-04-05-BL imperial 200x400
3 weeks
1HB-AL-E-05-05-05-BL imperial 500x500
3 weeks
1HB-AL-E-05-08-05-BL imperial 500x800
(35.3 lbs)
3 weeks
1HB-AL-E-custom imperial custom - request

Optical Breadboards: Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized