Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
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1B-A - Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
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Standard thickness 15 mm
M6 tapped holes pattern on 25 mm centers
Mounting holes - 12.5 from breadboard edge
5 Counterbored through holes for breadboard mounting
Black anodized or without anodizing
Non-anodized breadboards ready for vacuum available on request
Imperial tapped holes pattern available
1B-A series Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboards are similar to 1B-AL series breadboards. The difference is that in 1B-A mounting holes are closer to breadboard edge (12.5 mm) and it has fifth additional central counterbored through hole which makes it possible to mount smaller breadboards on a single supporting element and in case with larger breadboards when fifth support is added the rigidity increases and the stress reduces when mounting heavy loads. All other specifications are same to 1B-AL breadboards.

Ordering Information
Model Mounting
(W x L),
Anodized Price Availability  
1B-A-10-20-015 metric 100x200 0.78 no today
1B-A-10-20-015-BL metric 100x200 0.78 black today
1B-A-15-15-015 metric 150x150 0.87 no 2 weeks
1B-A-15-15-015-BL metric 150x150 0.87 black today
1B-A-15-20-015 metric 150x200 1.17 no today
1B-A-15-20-015-BL metric 150x200 1.17 black today
1B-A-20-20-015 metric 200x200 1.56 no today
1B-A-20-20-015-BL metric 200x200 1.56 black today
1B-A-20-40-015 metric 200x400 3.14 no today
1B-A-20-40-015-BL metric 200x400 3.14 black 1 week
1B-A-25-25-015 metric 250x250 2.45 no 2 weeks
1B-A-25-25-015-BL metric 250x250 2.45 black today
1B-A-30-30-015 metric 300x300 3.53 no today
1B-A-30-30-015-BL metric 300x300 3.53 black 1 week
1B-A-30-45-015 metric 300x450 5.31 no 1-2 days
1B-A-30-45-015-BL metric 300x450 5.31 black 1 week
1B-A-30-60-015 metric 300x600 7.1 no today
1B-A-30-60-015-BL metric 300x600 7.1 black today
1B-A-40-80-015 metric 400x800 12.6 no today
1B-A-40-80-015-BL metric 400x800 12.6 black today
1B-A-45-45-015 metric 450x450 8 no 2-3 days
1B-A-45-45-015-BL metric 450x450 8 black 2 weeks
1B-A-45-60-015 metric 450x600 10.65 no today
1B-A-45-60-015-BL metric 450x600 10.65 black today
1B-A-45-75-015 metric 450x750 13.3 no today
1B-A-45-75-015-BL metric 450x750 13.3 black today
1B-A-60-60-015 metric 600x600 14.2 no today
1B-A-60-60-015-BL metric 600x600 14.2 black today
1B-A-60-80-015 metric 600x800 18.9 no today
1B-A-60-80-015-BL metric 600x800 18.9 black today
1B-A-75-75-015 metric 750x750 22.2 no 1 week
1B-A-75-75-015-BL metric 750x750 22.2 black 2 weeks
1B-A-80-80-015 metric 800x800 25.2 no today
1B-A-80-80-015-BL metric 800x800 25.2 black today
1B-A-80-160-015 metric 800x1600 50.2 no today
1B-A-80-160-015-BL metric 800x1600 50.2 black 2 weeks
Solid Aluminium
Optical Breadboard
custom custom - custom 3-6 weeks

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