7T173-20-50 - Linear Translation Stage

Linear Translation Stage
Linear Translation Stage
50 mm travel range
Precise ball bearing
Narrow and low-profile
Driving micrometer screw
Stackable compact X-Y-Z configuration
Custom angle brackets are made promptly
Motorized version

Linear stage 7T173-20-50 allows manual linear motion. The featured advantage of this stage is it's narrow and low-profile design. Our standard micrometers 9S75M are used as driving screws. Customer may specify other screws for linear stages, e.g. with non-matching travel range to save space. A Platform is spring preloaded against the driving screw to provide high resolution of the linear stage, low backlash, smooth and accurate linear motion. An array of mounting holes on a platform and on a base allow a variety of convenient mounting options, including mounting on 3MP series Posts. Linear stages can be promptly stacked in compact XY-XYZ configurations. Similar design stage but with greater load capacity performance 7T175-50.



2AB173-20-50 Angle Bracket is used to fix stages in Z configuration.
3UBP-04 Universal Base Plate is required to fix stages or whole assembly to a flat surface e.g. optical table. Bottom of the stages is made with a series of holes for direct mounting - please see the drawing.

Travel range50mm
Tracking accuracy2µm
Reading accuracy5µm
Load capacity:
MaterialBlack anodized
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Linear Translation Stage