7VT174-5 - Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages

Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages
High precision
Travel range 5 mm
Stacks directly with stages of 174 and 184 series
See 7VT40-13 for 13 mm travel
Similar motorized design

Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages 7VT174-5 is made in most compact design. Platform is made with central M6 mounting hole and five M3 mounting holes for stacking with 174 and 184 series stages and other objects. Vernier scale is engraved on one side of the stage. Travel range 5 mm. Locking mechanism to secure stages in desired position is made on the other side. Two through holes for M3 screws are made in the positioner's platform for mounting on other suitable surfaces, for example on translation stage 7T184-13. Can be fastened on mounting posts 3MP through M6 hole centered on the bottom surface.

3UBP-03 Universal Base Plate is required to fix the stages to a flat surface e.g. optical table.

Travel range5 mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Tracking accuracy1 µm
Reading accuracy5 µm
Lead screw pitch0.25 mm
Guideball bearing
Load capacity3 kg
Weight0.15 kg
Body materialAluminum
FinishBlack anodized
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Model Price Availability
7VT174-5 € 199.00 request

Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages