7R174-11 - Mini Rotation Stage

Mini Rotation Stage
Worm gear design
Ø11 mm clear aperture in the center
Very compact design 46x65 mm
No need in adapter plate for mounting
(there are mounting holes on bottom)
Resolution 3 arcmin
Stacks directly with stages of 174 and 184 series

Advantages of Standa Rotation Stage 7R174-11 regarding analogues of other manufacturers is existence of the  Ø11 mm aperture in the center of rotation stage while it has very compact dimensions  46x65 mm together with its high precision, there is no need to use extra adapter plate for mounting since there are mounting holes on bottom. There you could see examples of stacked stages from series 174 together with 7R174-11:

7R174-11, 7T184-13 (2 pieces) and 7VT174-10 stacked

8MR174-11 (motorized rotation stage), 7T184-13 (2 pieces), and 7VT174-10 stacked

7R174-11 stacked on 7T184-13

3UBP-03 Universal Base Plate is required to fix the stages to a flat surface e.g. optical table. The stage is made with two M3 mounting holes in it`s base for direct mounting - please see the drawings.

Rotation range360° (continuous)
Sensitivity1 arcmin
Reading accuracy3 arcmin
Wobble1 arcmin
Eccentricity10 µm
Load capacity
Horizontal4 kg
Radial1.5 kg
Clear apertureØ11 mm
Body materialaluminium
Finishblack anodized
Weight0.2 kg
Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
7R174-11 metric € 351.00 today
7R174E-11 imperial € 373.00 today

Mini Rotation Stage