Direct Drive Rotation Stages
Direct Drive Rotation Stages
Direct Drive Rotation Stages
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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
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8MRL180, 8MRL250 - Direct Drive Rotation Stages
Direct Drive Rotation Stages
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High angular velocity up to 6600 deg/s

High angular acceleration

High bi-directional repeatability up to <5 arcsec

Sophisticated control & drive systems

Analog encoder interface and wide range of
RS422 interpolation factors

Perfectly fits with 8MTL series linear motor
high resolution stages

Standa 8MRL series rotation stages are based on direct drive torque motors in order to avoid mechanical inaccuracies (e.g. backlash) and reach high dynamical response of rotation system.

Ironless design of motor allows high acceleration and high velocity and it perfectly suits for a start-stop application which is especially important in: 3D printing, laser fabrication, wafer scanning or PCB etching applications.

High quality bearings and feedback system allows user to reach high positioning accuracy. Mechanical accuracy of stages is personally mapped using laser autocollimator in order to avoid constant inaccuracy. User is allowed to choose up to x200 interpolation using Standa external interpolation system or fit necessary servo controller with internal interpolation circuit for higher resolution of stage. 8MRL series stages are capable to operate with <4 arcsec bi-directional repeatability.

Motion Control
Travel range(Coarse/Fine), deg360/360360/360
* Encoder type1Vpp Analoge inductance1Vpp Analoge inductance
** Encoder resolution, arcsec21
Bidirectional repeatability, arcsec54
Unidirectional repeatability, arcsecOn requestOn request
Accuracy (before calibration), arcsec5040
Axial runout, um3030
Radial runout, um3020
Backlash, arcsec00
Maximal speed, deg/s66003300
Limit Switches/ Referene markReference markReference mark
Switch polarity/ Reference mark interfaceRS422RS422
Load and Transmision information
Horizontal load capacity, kg1220
Vertical load capacity, kg1215
Transmision typedirect drivedirect drive
Motor type3-phase brushless motor3-phase brushless motor
Nominal Torque, Nm6,46,9
Peak Torque, Nm21,622,9
Bearing type4 contact ball bearings4 contact ball bearings
Control and Communication
Recommended controllersSPiiPlusECSPiiPlusEC
Recommended driverUDMlc seriesUDMlc series
Recommended power supplyPS36-4.4-4PS36-4.4-4
Connectoron requeston request
Cable lengthon requeston request
Material and enviroment conditions
Base materialAluminumAluminum
FinishBlack anodizedBlack anodized
Environment pressureup to 10-3 Torrup to 10-3 Torr
Ambient temperatureon requeston request
Base plate3BP8MRL1803BP8MRL250
Connecting plateon requeston request
Additional Details
Rotating platform diameter, mm180250
Measurement systemmetricmetric
Weight, kg59
Central apertureon requeston request

* - Encoder can be equipped with external interpolation circuit which will result differential RS422 encoder interface.
** - Resolution is indicated using analog encoder interface. While increasing the factor of external interpolation circuit the higher resolution can be adjusted for specific applications.

Ordering Information
Model Details  
8MRL180-LEn2 Rotation stage: analog ecoder
8MRL180-LEn2-025 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x25 interpolation factor
8MRL180-LEn2-050 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x50 interpolation factor
8MRL180-LEn2-100 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x100 interpolation factor
8MRL180-LEn2-200 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x200 interpolation factor
8MRL250-LEn2 Rotation stage: analog ecoder
8MRL250-LEn2-025 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x25 interpolation factor
8MRL250-LEn2-050 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x50 interpolation factor
8MRL250-LEn2-100 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x100 interpolation factor
8MRL250-LEn2-200 Rotary stage: RS422 encoder - x200 interpolation factor
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