Optical Delay Line Components Kits
Optical Delay Line Components Kits
Optical Delay Line Components Kits
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DLK - Optical Delay Line Components Kits
Optical Delay Line Components Kits
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As a sample Standa has pre-selected the optics and mechanical components to build single pass delay line setup. All the components included into the kit are developed and produced by Standa.

It is possible to compile other variations of delay lines using other desired adjustable precision optical mounts and opto-mechanical accessories from Standa catalog, also other motorized linear translation stages with stepper or DC motors could be implemented (which are reasonably cheaper than direct drive linear stages like its performed in current pre-selected setup).

Double Pass or Quadruple Pass delay lines kits could be also easily composed using different parts from the great range of Standa opto-mechanical components and variety of motorized linear stages of different types (design, footprint, travel range). Standa engineers could advise for the best solution after receiving comprehensive technical task from the customer.

Motion control of any of the such setup could be implemented by the smart universal controllers of the series 8SMC5-USB, which could control several types of motors by default (Stepper, DC and BLDC). Those motion controllers has already proven their consistency in thousands of scientific and industrial applications and are appreciated for their reliability, compatibility with all measure OS, easy and time efficient set up in simple tasks and successful integration in highly demanding complex systems applications, due to the clear detailed manual, samples for different programming languages variety and responsive support from Standa precision motion control professionals.

5DLK-1-01 Kit Parts List

Part No. Description. Qty. in Kit
14SM-1 Silver Coated Ø1" Mirror 4
5OM100A3 Ø1" Optics Adapter 2
5OM10T Small Optical Mount of Side Drive 2
3URB111-04 Universal Riser Blocks 2
5MBM24-1-2 Kinematic Mirror Mount (right-handed) 1
5MBM24M-1-2 Kinematic Mirror Mount (left-handed) 1
10IBS-M-14-AR Mounted Iris Diaphragm 2
3UTC-1 Universal Fork Clamp 4
3MP25-60 60 mm, Ø25 mm Optical Fixed Pedestal 2
3MP25-12.5 12.5 mm, Ø25 mm Optical Fixed Pedestal 2
3PHB-75 75 mm Post Holder 1
3PHB-25 25 mm Post Holder 1
3MP-50+3AH6-4 50 mm Mounting Post with M6-M4 Adapter 1
3MP-20+3AH6-4 20 mm Mounting Post with M6-M4 Adapter 1
3MP-05-3 3 mm Mounting Spacer 2
3AH6-4 M6-M4 Thread Adapter 2
3STS-DLK-1 Set of All Required Fastening Screws 1

5DLK-1-01 is a kit which is intended to use with all models of the direct drive linear stages of the series 8MTL1401-300. The linear stage, controller, power supply and optical breadboard are sold separately.

Ordering Information
Model Description Price  
5DLK-1-01 Opto-Mechanical Components Kit € 595.84
8MTL1401-300 Direct Drive Linear Stage (300 mm) request1
8SMC5-USB-B8-1 1-Axis Controller Box € 657.00
PS36-4.4-4 36V; 4.15A Power Supply € 199.00
1B-A-40-80-015 Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboard
400x800 mm, Thickness - 15 mm (Unanodized)
€ 516.00
1 - The price depends on required linear stage specifications.

Standa is able to produce any custom opto-mechanical device. Contact us with your needs.

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