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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
Standa in the World
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10MS-2R200 2 axis Motorised Goniometer for Larger Optics
Models: 10MS-2R200
7R172-2 2 inch Aperture Rotation Stage
8NTS-XYZ-200 2(3)D piezo scanning stage
8-0099 2-axis (XY) Rotation Stage + Motorized XYZ Translation Stage
8-0031 2-Axis Goniometer Stage
8-0019 3 Axis Motorized Goniometer
Models: 8-0019
8MT200-100SM-XY-8MR191-SM 3 Axis Motorized translation-rotation system
8-0023 3-axis Continuous Rotation System
Models: 8-0023
UPJS 3D Antenna Patterns Measuring System
3AM 45 degree Mirror Adapters
10NMC-1 XY 5 Axis Manual Motion System (XY Translation and Three Circle Goniometer)
Models: 10NMC-1 XY
10RSB-081658 5 Axis Motorized Stage
Models: 10RSB-081658
8-0021 (8MT175-50XYZ-8MR191-28) 6 Axis Motorized Stage (XYZ Stage and Three Circle Motorized Goniometer)
8-0022 6 Axis Motorized System
STANDA-Q1 Active Q-switched Laser
STANDA-Q10 Active Q-switched Laser
STANDA-Q1SH671 Active Q-switched Laser
1TS-140 Active Vibration Isolation System
1TS-AVI200S/LP Active Vibration Isolation System
1TS-140W Active Vibration Isolation Workstation
5KOMA1 Adapter For Optics
Models: 5KOMA1
3APC Adjustable Angle Post Clamps
7FA1 Adjustable Force Fiber Clamp
Models: 7FA1
5VT173-25 Adjustable Height Platform
Models: 7VT173-25
4H89 Adjustable Height V-Mount
Models: 4H89
6LH Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder
2AMB Adjustable Mounting Block
Models: 2AMB
5AMR-500 Adjustable Optical Mount for Large Heavy Mirrors
Models: 5AMR-500
10AOS10-1, 10MAOS10-1 Adjustable Optical Slits
4LM42 Adjustable Optics Mounts
5APH59T-1 Adjustable Polarizer Holders
Models: 5APH59T-1
9S7, 9S7C Adjustment Screws
1VIS-BB Air Compressors
7VT174-5 Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages
Models: 7VT174-5
1B-AL Aluminium Breadboards
2OR02 Aluminium Optical Rails
2RC01 Aluminium Rail Carriers
7T175-50 Aluminium Translation Stage
Models: 7T175-50
7T167-25 Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile
7T167-50 Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile
7T173 Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow
1B-A Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
7T167S-25 Aluminum Translation Stages Low Profile
2AB111-128 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB111-128
2AB128 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB128
2AB151-001 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB151-001
2AB151-002 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB151-002
2AB163 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB163
2AB164 Angle Bracket
2AB167-25 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB167-25
2AB167-50 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB167-50
2AB173-20 Angle Bracket
2AB173-20-50 Angle Bracket
2AB174 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB174
2AB175 Angle Bracket
2AB200-002 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB200-002
2AB200-8MR190 Angle Bracket
2AB38 Angle Bracket
2AB67-25 Angle Bracket
2AB67-6 Angle Bracket
2AB7T25-10 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB7T25-10
2VP150 Angle Bracket
3A-45D Angular Adapter
Models: 3A-45D
M266 Automated Monochromator/Spectrograph
8-0035 Automated XYZ System for Microscopy
Models: 8-0035
7T184-13 Ball Bearing Translation Stage
Models: 7T184-13
4BC32, 4VC41 Bar Clamp
Models: 4BC32, 4VC41
3BP120 Base Plate
Models: 3BP120
3BP67-6 Base Plate
Models: 3BP67-6
3BP7R7 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7R7
3BP7T128 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7T128
3BP7T25-10 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7T25-10
3BPVDOM Base Plate
Models: 3BPVDOM
3BP138 Base Plates
3BP4 Base Plates
3EXP59 Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp
7T125 Basic Translation Stages
10BD Beam Dump
10BE01 Beam Expanders
10PS6_6 Beam Profile Shaper
10BC68-1 Beam Splitter Cube
5BM131 Beamsplitter / Mirror Mount
5BM59T-1 Beamsplitter Mount of Side Drive
5BM121T Beamsplitters / Optics Mount
Models: 5BM121T
5BM121 Beamsplitters/Optics Mount
4BM-250 Big Optical Mount
Models: 4BM-250
8DCMC1-USB Brushed DC Servo Motor Controllers with USB Interface
8MBM57SSV Closed Loop Vacuum Mirror Mount
10CWA168 Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
Models: 10CWA168
11BEAMAGE CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
14CGF Color Glass Filters
11D-SPO-COM Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
9S67 Compact Fine Screws
Models: 9S67, 9S67M
S90-IR Compact IR-Spectrometer
Models: S90-IR
5CM123 Compact Mirror Mount
8CMA20 Compact Motorized Actuator
Models: 8CMA20-8/15
UDMlc Compact Servo Motion Driver
UDMsd Compact Servo Motion Driver
8NTS-X Compact Single Axis Piezo Actuator
Models: 8NTS-X-120
S100 Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
3CC4, 3CC6 Connecting Cone
Models: 3CC4, 3CC6
2CP173-20 Connecting Plate
2CP173-50-20 Connecting Plate
2OR19 Construction Rails / Optical Rails
10APF3-1CVAB Continuously Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitter
Optical Tables Custom
12HP02 Custom Fiber Collimators
Models: 12HP02
STA-01CW CW Microchip Laser
Sale Diode Laser Module
STA-01-OEM Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Micro Laser
STA-01SH Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Micro Laser
8MTL1301-170 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTL1401-300 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTL220 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MRL Direct Drive Rotation Stages
MSA-130 Double Additive/Subtractive Monochromator
Models: MSA-130
M833 Double Dispersive Automated monochromator/spectrograph
Models: M833
7T25-10 Dovetail Linear Translation Stage
STA-IN-532/20 DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser
11S-LINK Dual & Single Channel, PC-Based Power and Energy Monitor
11D-ALI-COL Electronic Autocollimator
Models: 11D-ALI-COL
11XLP12 Extreme Low Power Laser Detector
1FC Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
3N Fastening Nuts
7FA4 Fiber Cable Clamp
Models: 7FA4
7FA Fiber Coupling Accessories
7TF2 Fiber Coupling Stage
Models: 7TF2, 7TF2M
9S65M Fine Closed Screw
Models: 9S65M
9SH137, 9SH147 Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
5KOM Five-Axis Optical Mounts
10BE02 Fixed Magnification Laser Beam Expanders
4AFS Fixed Optical Mirror Mounts (Stainless Steel): "Butterfly"
3MP25 Fixed Pedestal
5UFOM-40 Flexure Optical Mirror Mount
4FOM Flipper Optic Mount
Models: 4FOM-1
5F21-1 Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5F21-2 Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
S-FL Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer
Models: S-FL
10PSF9 Focal Beam Profile Shapers
Power supply For DC and Stepper motors
14FR Fresnel Rhomb
Custom Engineering Galery III
Custom Engineering Galery IV
Custom Engineering Gallery I
Custom Engineering Gallery II
5GM25T-1 Gimbal Mount
Models: 5GM25T-1
14GP Glan Taylor Prism
3HK Hex Key
8MVT400-20-60 High Load Vertical Translation Stage
11SUPER-HP High Power Detector
8MT200-100-Z-8MT167-25BS1-XY High precision Motorized Vertical Stage
5PPH50-1 High Precision Rotation Mount
11HSP-FS High Speed Free-Space Photodetector
SDH-I High-Aperture Compact Spectrometers
11UP19-W High-Power Laser Detector
SHR High-Precision Wide-Range Wavelength Meter
Models: SHR
9SM127M High-Resolution Micrometers
SC125 High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer
11HSP High-speed Photodetectors
Models: 11HSP-IR6
4CFH Holder for Circular Filters
1HB Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
Models: 1HB03-03-025, 1HB03-03-04, 1HB03-06-025, 1HB03-06-04, 1HB03-06-05, 1HB03-09-025, 1HB03-09-04, 1HB03-09-05, 1HB03-12-04, 1HB03-12-05, 1HB03-18-04, 1HB03-18-05, 1HB04-12-025, 1HB04-12-04, 1HB04-12-05, 1HB044-044-04, 1HB045-10-05, 1HB045-10-07, 1HB045-12-05, 1HB045-15-07, 1HB05-05-04, 1HB05-05-05, 1HB05-05-07, 1HB05-075-04, 1HB05-075-05, 1HB05-075-07, 1HB05-10-04, 1HB05-10-05, 1HB05-10-07, 1HB06-06-04, 1HB06-06-05, 1HB06-06-07, 1HB06-08-04, 1HB06-08-05, 1HB06-08-07, 1HB06-09-04, 1HB06-09-05, 1HB06-09-07, 1HB06-09-12, 1HB06-10-07, 1HB06-10-12, 1HB06-12-04, 1HB06-12-05, 1HB06-12-07, 1HB06-12-12, 1HB06-15-05, 1HB06-15-07, 1HB06-15-12, 1HB06-18-07, 1HB06-18-12, 1HB06-24-07, 1HB06-24-12, 1HB07-16-05, 1HB075-075-07, 1HB075-09-12, 1HB075-10-05, 1HB075-12-05, 1HB08-08-04, 1HB08-08-05, 1HB08-08-07, 1HB08-08-12, 1HB08-10-05, 1HB08-10-07, 1HB08-10-12, 1HB08-12-05, 1HB08-12-07, 1HB08-12-12, 1HB08-15-07, 1HB08-15-11, 1HB08-15-12, 1HB08-18-07, 1HB08-18-11, 1HB08-18-12, 1HB08-20-07, 1HB08-20-12, 1HB09-10-05, 1HB09-10-07, 1HB09-10-12, 1HB09-12-05, 1HB09-12-07, 1HB09-12-12, 1HB09-14-07, 1HB09-14-12, 1HB09-15-05, 1HB09-15-07, 1HB09-15-11, 1HB09-15-12, 1HB09-16-07, 1HB09-16-12, 1HB09-18-07, 1HB09-18-12, 1HB09-24-07, 1HB09-24-12, 1HB10-10-05, 1HB10-10-07, 1HB10-10-12, 1HB10-12-07, 1HB10-12-11, 1HB10-12-12, 1HB10-15-07, 1HB10-15-11, 1HB10-15-12, 1HB10-18-07, 1HB10-18-11, 1HB10-18-12, 1HB10-20-11, 1HB10-20-12, 1HB10-24-12, 1HB12-12-07, 1HB12-12-12, 1HB12-15-11, 1HB12-15-12, 1HB12-18-12, 1HB12-20-12, 1HB12-24-11, 1HB15-15-07, 1HB15-15-12, 1HB15-18-12, 1HB15-20-12, Optical
1HT Honeycomb Optical Table Tops
9SH67 Industrial Adjustments Screws
9MT Industrial Custom Taps & Wrench
Models: 9MT, 9TW
Vacuum Compatible Motion Control Information
IOC Infrared Optical Components
1IS Instrument Shelves
10IB Iris Diaphragm Mount
10IB Iris Diaphragms
Models: 10IBC117-75-H, 10IBC117-75-HT, 10IBC117-75-N, 10IBC125-85-H, 10IBC125-85-HT, 10IBC125-85-N, 10IBC135-98-H, 10IBC135-98-HT, 10IBC135-98-N, 10IBC160-113-H, 10IBC160-113-HT, 10IBC160-113-N, 10IBC20-8-H, 10IBC20-8-N, 10IBC25-12-H, 10IBC25-12-N, 10IBC29-15-H, 10IBC29-15-N, 10IBC39-22-H, 10IBC39-22-N, 10IBC48-30-H, 10IBC48-30-HT, 10IBC48-30-N, 10IBC69-40-H, 10IBC69-40-HT, 10IBC69-40-N, 10IBC79-50-H, 10IBC79-50-HT, 10IBC79-50-N, 10IBC94-60-H, 10IBC94-60-HT, 10IBC94-60-N, 10IBS10-5-0.5-AR, 10IBS10-5-0.5-N, 10IBS100-75-4-H, 10IBS100-75-4-N, 10IBS110-81-3-AR, 10IBS12-7-0.5-AR, 10IBS12-7-0.5-N, 10IBS120-90-3.5-AR, 10IBS130-98-4-H, 10IBS130-98-4-N, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-AR, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-H, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-N, 10IBS14.8-8-0.5-AR, 10IBS14.8-8-1-N, 10IBS150-113-6-H, 10IBS150-113-6-N, 10IBS16-10-1-N, 10IBS165-120-6-H, 10IBS165-120-6-N, 10IBS19.8-12-1-AR, 10IBS19.8-12-1-H, 10IBS19.8-12-1-N, 10IBS195-145-8-N, 10IBS22-14-1-AR, 10IBS22-14-1-N, 10IBS24-15-1-H, 10IBS24-15-1-N, 10IBS28-18-1-AR, 10IBS28-18-1.2-H, 10IBS30-20-1.2-AR, 10IBS30-20-1.2-H, 10IBS30-20-1.2-N, 10IBS33-22-1.5-N, 10IBS37-25-1.5-AR, 10IBS37-25-1.5-N, 10IBS40-27-1.5-AR, 10IBS40-27-1.5-H, 10IBS40-27-1.5-N, 10IBS43-30-1.5-AR, 10IBS43-30-1.5-H, 10IBS43-30-1.5-N, 10IBS49-34-2-AR, 10IBS49-34-2-H, 10IBS49-34-2-N, 10IBS50-36-2.5-H, 10IBS50-36-2.5-N, 10IBS53-37-2.5-H, 10IBS53-37-2.5-N, 10IBS58-42-2.5-H, 10IBS58-42-2.5-N, 10IBS60-40-2.5-H, 10IBS60-40-2.5-N, 10IBS64-45-2.5-H, 10IBS64-45-2.5-N, 10IBS70-50-2.5-H, 10IBS70-50-2.5-N, 10IBS82-60-4-H, 10IBS82-60-4-N, 10IBV15-8-1-N, 10IBV15-8-1-N-1, 10IBV15.5-8.5-1-N, 10IBV22-14-1-AR, 10IBV22-14-1-AR-1, 10IBV22-14-1-N, 10IBV22-14-1-N-1, 10IBV31-18-1.5-N, 10IBV31-18-1.5-N-1, 10IBV40-27-1.5-AR, 10IBV40-27-1.5-AR-1, 10IBV40-27-1.5-N, 10IBV40-27-1.5-N-1, 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N, 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N-1, 10IBV60-40-2.5-N, 10IBV60-40-2.5-N-1, 10IBV70-50-2.5-N, 10IBV82-60-4-N, 10IBV82-60-4-N-1
8JXY-03 Joystick
Models: 8JXY-03
5APH69T-1 , 5APH79T-1 Kinematic Adjustable Polarizer Holder of Side Drive / Double Optical Mount
6KB Kinematic Bases
5MBM24 Kinematic Mirror Mount
5MBM21-1 Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts
5BM69T-1 , 5BM79T-1 Kinematic Optical Mount of Side Drive / Kinematic Double Optical Mount of Side Drive
5KVDOM-3 Kinematic Super Stable Mirror Mount
5KVDOM-4 Kinematic Super Stable Optical Mirror Mount
5KVDOM-2, 5VDOM-2 Kinematic Super Stable Optical Mount
5KVDOM-05 Kinematic Vertical Drive Optical Mount
1LDR Laboratory Device Rack
Models: 1LDR
1CB Laminar Tabletop Workstation
5LAOM-600 Large Adjustable Optical Mount
8MBM57 Large Aperture Motorized Mirror Mount
5BM57 Large Aperture Mounts
5LAM124T Large Aperture Optical Mount
Models: 5LAM124T
5LAOM Large Aperture Optical Mount
Models: 5LAOM-600
5LAM124 , 5LAM124-2 Large Aperture Optical Mounts
8MRB450-350-60 Large Aperture Rotary Table (Motorized)
8MRH240-60 Large High Capacity Rotary Stage
Models: 8MRH240-60
8MR190-90 Large Motorized Rotation Stage
8MRB240-152-59 Large Motorized Rotation Stage
6TTR600 Large Multi-Axis Platform
Models: 6TTR600
4SCML-12 Large Self-Centering Optics Mount
8MR190V-90 Large Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
10PMA-1 Laser Beam Attenuator
Models: 10PMA-1
10PS12_12 Laser Beam Profile Converters
8MDS Laser Beam Shutters
8MDS Laser Beam Shutters
10LBS Laser Beam Steering
10VIZ-35 Laser Beam Visualizer
STAD-01 Laser Diode Driver
Models: STAD-01
11QE-B Laser Energy Detectors
11QE12 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE25 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE50 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE65 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE95 Laser Energy Detectors
LUMS Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining
11UP12 Laser Power Detector
11UP17 Laser Power Detector
11UP19-H Laser Power Detector
11UP19-VR Laser Power Detector
11UP25 Laser Power Detector
11UP50 Laser Power Detector
11UP55-H Laser Power Detector
11UP55-HD Laser Power Detector
11UP55-VR Laser Power Detector
11UNO Laser Power Meter
Models: 11UNO
11PRONTO Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls)
Models: 11PRONTO-250
11MAESTRO Laser Power/Energy Monitor
Models: 11MAESTRO
CTL-21 Laser Safety Glasses, Goggles, Spectacles
1LS52 Laser Shelves
Sale Light Test & Measurement Instruments
Sale Light Test & Measurement Instruments
Models: 11HSP-FS1
7TLF1 Linear Flexure Translation Stage
8MT167-25BS1 / -25LS Linear Motor Positioning Stage
7T173-20-50 Linear Translation Stage
Models: 7T173-20-50
8-0020 Linear XYZ Portal
3WFA-01 Lock-Down Clamp
Models: 3WFA-01
8MT195 Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage
8MT295 Long-Travel Motorized Linear Stages
8MT60-200 Low Profile Motorized Stage
7T167-100Q Low Profile Translation Stage with Quick Move Lever
7T273-10 Low Profile Two-Axis Aluminium Translation Stage
Models: 7T273-10
7T273-10T Low Profile two-Axis Aluminium Translation Stage of Side Control
Models: 7T273-10T
3MB6 Low-profile Magnetic Base
Models: 3MB6
3CMB Magnetic Bases
6MKB175 Magnetic Kinematic Base
Models: 6MKB175
7GM-2R4V Manual Goniometer Stage (Vacuum Compatible)
7T164-10T Manual Linear Stages of Side Control
STA-MOPA Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Laser System
STA-01 Micro Laser Nd:LSB
7R128 Micro Rotation Stage
7T228T-9S35M-5 Micro Stage with Micrometer Screws
7T128 Micro Translation Stage
7T229TL Micro Translation Stage
Models: 7T229TL
STA-02-SH-CW Microchip Laser
Models: STA-02-SH-CW
9S75M-AL Micrometers
Sale Microscope Objectives
10MO Microscope Objectives
10MO Microscope Objectives
2MAB111 Mini Angle Brackets
9S35 Mini Micrometers
7T8-01, 7T8-02 Mini Rail System Ball Slide Positioners
7R174-11 Mini Rotation Stage
7R7 Mini Rotation Stage
Models: 7R7, 7R7E
5OM100A2 Miniature Clamps
5F23 Miniature Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5MBM23-05-3SH Miniature Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
S41 Miniature Lens Spectrometer
5OM101T Miniature Tilt/Rotation Mount of Side Control
Models: 5OM101T
5OM111 Mirror / Optics Mount
5MBM22S(P) Mirror Mount
5UM122 Mirror Mount / Platform
Models: 5UM122
5AM4 Mirror Mount for Picosecond Lasers
Models: 5AM4
5AM5 Mirror Mount for Picosecond Lasers
Models: 5AM5
5OM122T, 5OM122TE Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation
5LSM110 Mirror Mounts with Locking Screws
5BM141 Mirror Optical Mount
Custom Design More Flexibility
10MCWA168-1 Motorised Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
10MWA168 Motorised Variable Wheel Attenuator
8CMA06 Motorized Actuator
8CMA06V Motorized Actuator for Vacuum
10MBE Motorized Beam Expanders
8MT160-300 Motorized Delay Line
8MTF2 Motorized Fiber Coupling Stage
8MFM-1 Motorized Flipper Mount
8MGM25T-1 Motorized Gimbal Mount
Models: 8MGM25T-1
8MLAOM Motorized Gimbal Optical Mount
8MG99 Motorized Goniometer
8MG-2SQ200 Motorized Goniometer for Large Square Optics
10RSB-2 Motorized Goniometer Stage
Models: 10RSB-2
8MG00 Motorized Goniometers
8MR190-2-SM / 8MR191-SM Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
8MID10-40 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID40-70 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID70-130 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID98-4-90 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
Models: 8MID98-4-90
10MAPF3 Motorized Laser Beam Attenuator
8CMA28 Motorized Linear Actuator
8MT165-200 Motorized Linear Stage
8MT193-100 Motorized Linear Stage
Models: 8MT193-100
8MT175 Motorized Linear Stages
8MBM24 Motorized Mirror Mounts
8MMA60 Motorized Mirror Mounts
8MUP21-2 Motorized Optical Mount
Models: 8MUP21-2
8MPR16-1 Motorized Polarizer Rotator
8-0047 Motorized Positioning Systems
Models: 8-0047
8MR191 Motorized Rotary Stage
8MR170-190 Motorized Rotary Stages
Models: 8MR170-190
8MTP116 Motorized Rotation and Tilt Stage
Models: 8MTP116
8MR174-11 Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190-2 Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR151 Motorized Rotation Stages
8MS00 Motorized Screws
8MT177-100 Motorized Stage
Sale Motorized Stages
Models: 8MT173-6
8MT200-100 Motorized Stages
12WS07 Motorized Telescope
Models: 12WS07
8MT167-100 Motorized Translation Stage
8MT184-13 Motorized Translation Stage
8MT173 Motorized Translation Stages
8MT50 Motorized Translation Stages
8MTOM2-1 Motorized Two Axis Translation Optical Mount
Models: 8MTOM2-1
10MVAA Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator
Models: 10MVAA
10MWA168 Motorized Variable Wheel Attenuator
8MKVDOM-2-DC Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MKVDOM Motorized Vertical drive optical mount
8MKVDOM-1-DC Motorized Vertical Drive Optical Mount with DC motor
Models: 8MKVDOM-1-DC
8MVT120-5 Motorized Vertical Lift Stage
8MVT100-25-1 Motorized Vertical Stages
Models: 8MVT100-25-1
8MVT188-20 Motorized Vertical Translation Stage
Models: 8MVT188-20
8MVT40-13 Motorized Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 8MVT40-13-1
8-0048 Motorized XY Gantry System + Z-axis Vertical Linear Stage
Models: 8-0048
8MTF Motorized XY Scanning Stage
8MTF-20 Motorized XY Scanning Stage
Models: 8MTF-20
8-0063 Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
Models: 8-0063
8MVT70-13 Motorized Z Stage
Models: 8MVT70-13-1
10IB-M Mounted Iris Diaphragms
6PT110.03 Mounting Clamp
Models: 6PT110.03
3MP, 3SMP Mounting Posts
3MP-Inch-05, 3SMP-Inch-05 Mounting Posts
6TP116-001 Multi Axis Tilt Platform
Models: 6TP116-001
8SMC4-36 Multi-axis Motion Control System
8SMC4-ETHERNET / RS232-B19 Multi-Axis Motion Controller / Driver
8-0050, 8-0030, 8-0026 Multi-Axis Positioning System
6TP116 Multi-Axis Tilt Platform
OEM Multi-channel Detectors
M150 Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph
4FH57 Multiple Filter Holder
Models: 4FH57
4OFH-10 Multiple Filters Holder
Models: 4OFH-10
2MJ63 Multiple Mounting Joist
Models: 2MJ63
2MP Multiple Mounting Plates
8NANO-100XY Nano Positioner
Models: 8NANO-100XY
8NTS-01XY Nano Scanning Stage
8NSC Nano Stages Controller
8MT30-50 Narrow Motorized Translation Stages
7T30-50 Narrow Translation Stage
Models: 7T30-50
7T34-20 Non-magnetic linear translation stage
1HT-NM Non-Magnetic Optical Tables
5OBM119 Objective Mount
Models: 5OBM119
5OBM119T Objective Mounts
Models: 5OBM119T
1HB-AL Optical Breadboards: Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized
11D-ALI-MET Optical Beam Alignment Meter
Optics Optical Components
DLK Optical Delay Line Components Kits
5FM57 Optical Filters Mount
Models: 5FM57
5BM59TV-1 Optical Mount For Vacuum
Models: 5BM59TV-1
4OCM Optical Mounts
Sale Optical Positioners
2RC19 Optical Rail Carriers
1TS Optical Table Supports
1C Optical Tables Connectors
Addons Options & Accessories
Motors Ordering Information
Sensors Ordering Information
STA-01 Yb:YAG Passive Q-Switched Laser
STA-01-YLF Passive Q-Switched Laser
11P-LINK PC Based Power Monitor
11PH Photodetector
8NTS-XYZ-200-A Piezo scanning stage with central hole
7FA5 Pitch & Yaw Platform
Models: 7FA5
8MTL120XY Planar XY Linear Stage (Direct Dirve Motors, Mechanical Bearings)
8NTS-XYZ-40-SPM Plane-Parallel Nano Piezo Scanning Stage
4PC69 Plate Clamp
1VIS10 Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
1VIS22 Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
1VIS10W Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation
STA-PCD-1 Pockels Cell Driver
5OM38 Polarization Optics Mount
5PH51 Polarizer Holder
5PHH50 Polarizer Holder / Rotation Stage
5PH50 Polarizer Holders
5TPH2-1 Polarizer Rotation Translation Mount
Models: 5TPH2-1
7T38 Popular Translation Stages
Models: 7T38
3PC25, 3PC32 Post Clamp
3PC Post Collar
3PH, 3PHB Post Holders
3AK Posts/Post Holders Kit
Models: 3AK1, 3AK2
5AM-500 Precise Adjustable Kinematic Mount for Large Optics
Models: 5AM-500
5AM-250 Precise Adjustment Kinematic Mount for Large Optics
5OM60, 5OM61 Precision and High Stability Optics Mounts
8CMA42-50 Precision High Load Motorized Linear Actuator
8-0104 Precision Multi-Axis Positioner
Models: 8-0104
10PP Precision Pinholes
7R129 Precision Rotary Stage
10SF130 Precision Spatial Filter
Models: 10SF130
8MVT120-25 Precision Vertical Positioner
5PM57 Prism Mount
Models: 5PM57
5PM131 Prism/Optics Mount
1PS98 Protective Screen
4H29 Push Holder
Models: 4H29
STA-01-7-OEM Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
Models: STA-01-7-OEM
S-RS Raman Spectrometer
Models: S-RS
BW-RAM-REG Raman Spectrometer i-Raman
BW-RAM-EX Raman Spectrometer i-Raman EX
BW-RAM-PLUS Raman Spectrometer i-Raman Plus
9RK127 Removable Knob
3RPC Right Angle Fixed Post Clamp
3RB135 Riser Blocks
7FA3 Roll & Pitch Platform
Models: 7FA3
3EXC45 Rotary Clamp
Models: 3EXC45
7R170-190 Rotary Stage
7R150 Rotation Stage
7R171-200 Rotation Stage of Big Platform ("Precision Pizza")
Models: 7R171-200
3RBP Round Base Plates
3SK Screw Kit
Models: 3SK1, 3SK2
5AM Self-centering Large Aperture Optical Mount
4LM13-40 Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount
Models: 4LM13-40
4SCML-2 Self-Centering Lens Mount
Models: 4SCML-2
4SCML-4 Self-Centering Lens Mount
Models: 4SCML-4
4SCML-8 Self-Centering Optics Mount
5ZYPS Self-made Pinholes Y-Z Mount
Models: 5ZYPS
SPiiPlusEC Servo Motion Controller
SPiiPlusCMnt Servo Motion Controller with Built-in drivers
11WFS-prime Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor
Models: 11WFS-prime
7T173-10T, 7T173-20T Side Control Linear Stage
2SR32 Silent Rods
11TUNER Single Channel, Power Monitor with Tuning Needle
Models: 11TUNER
STA-01-7 OM Single Shot Pulsed Laser
Models: STA-01-7 OM
3SBP Sliding Base Plate
Models: 3SBP
7G174-30 Small Goniometer
Models: 7G174-30
5OM10T Small Optical Mount of Side Drive
1BS-2040-015 Solid Steel Breadboard
3SPS Special Screw
4SC Spring Clamps
7T68-25 Stable Aluminium Translation Stages
7T67-25 Stable Steel Translation Stage
7T67-6 Stainless Steel Translation Stages
7T67SSV-25 Stainless-Steel-Vacuum-Compatible Linear Stage
8MT167-100-XYZ-8MR191-8MR151 Standa Robotics For Photonics
3STS Standard Screw
10ORS6 Steel Optical Rail System
Models: 10ORS6
2OR6 Steel Optical Rails
2RC6 Steel Rail Carriers
2SRC6-50 Steel Sliding Rail Carrier
Models: 2SRC6-50
5SL-20 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL-20
5SL-30 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL-30
5SL2-30 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL2-30
8SMC5-USB Stepper & DC Motor Controller
12L492 Super Stable Lockable Mirror Mount with Micro Differential Screw
Models: 12L492
12L500 Super Stable Lockable Mirror Mount with Micro Differential Screw
Models: 12L500
3TC5 Table Clamp
Models: 3TC5
3TC6 / 3TC7 Table Clamp
Models: 3TC6, 3TC7
9S55 Thin Micrometers
3AH Thread Adapters
6PT169 Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table
Models: 6PT169
11THZ THz Detector
6PT110 Tilt / Rotation Stage
Models: 6PT110
6TP-125 Tilt Platform
Models: 6TP-125
6TS29-21 Tilt Stage
Models: 6TS29-21
6TS62, 6TS72-72 Tilt Stage
3TPH-13 Translating Post Holder
Models: 3TPH-13
3TPH-13 Translating Post Holder
Models: 3TPH-13
Sale Translation & Rotation Stages
Models: 7T229TL
5TOM Translation Optical Mount
8MT173-DCE2 / -DCJ Translation Stage with DC motor
7T175-100, 7T175-150 Translation Stages
7T38XYZ Translation System
5OM37 Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
5OM37-TPF Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
7T164SS-10 Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Translation Stage
7T164-10, 7T264-10 Ultra Low Profile Steel Translation Stage
10FBS Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
9S127 Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws
9SH127 Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
8CMA16DC Ultra-High Resolution Compact Motorized Actuator (DC Motor)
4LM149 Universal Adjustable Lens / Optics Mounts
3UBP175 Universal Base Plate
3UBP Universal Base Plates
3UTC-1 Universal Fork Clamp
Models: 3UTC-1
11M-LINK Universal Laser Power & Energy Meter
Models: 11M-LINK
10MPIR1 Universal Magnetic Drive Micropump with Inner Reservoir
Models: 10MPIR1
5UM122T Universal Mirror Mount / Platform
Models: 5UM122T
8SMC4-36 Universal motion controller/driver
Models: 8SMC4-36
8MRU Universal Motorized Rotation Stages
4PH132 Universal Plate Holder
Models: 4PH132
5UM131 Universal Platform Mount
5PMF57 Universal Prism / Optics Mount
Models: 5PMF57
3URB111 Universal Riser Blocks
7T175V Vacuum Compatible Aluminium Translation Stages
5KOM4V-1 Vacuum compatible Five-Axis Optical Mounts
Models: 5KOM4V-1
5LAOMV Vacuum Compatible Gimbal Optical Mount
Vacuum series 7 Vacuum Compatible Manual Stages
7T164SSV-10 Vacuum Compatible Manual Translation Stage
8MT30V-50 Vacuum Compatible Motorised Linear Stages
8MT173V Vacuum Compatible Motorised Translation Stages
8MT173V-DCE Vacuum Compatible Motorised Translation Stages DC
8MAV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator
8MAV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator
8CMA16DCV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator DC motor
8MR174V-11 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190V-2 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR170-190V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stages
8MS00V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Screw
8MT167V-100 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stage
8MT167V-25 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stage
8MT175V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages
Vacuum series 8 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages
8MKVDOMV-2 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MKVDOMV-3 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MKVDOMV-1 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Optical Mount with DC motor
Models: 8MKVDOMV-1
8MT160V-300XY Vacuum Compatible Motorized XY Linear Translation Stage
5KVDOMV Vacuum Compatible Optical Mounts
7R129V Vacuum Compatible Precision Rotary Stage
Models: 7R129V
7R150V Vacuum Compatible Rotation Stage
7R170V-190 Vacuum Compatible Rotation Stage
4SCML-8V Vacuum Compatible Self-Centering Optics Mount
Models: 4SCMLV-8-001
6TS29V-21 Vacuum Compatible Tilt Stage
Models: 6TS29V-21
7T38V XYZ Vacuum Compatible Translation System
7T164SSV-VD Vacuum Compatible Vertical Drive Stage
8MTFV Vacuum Compatible XY Scanning Stage
8-0038 Vacuum Positioning Stage (5-Axis System)
  Vacuum Stages with Feedback Encoder
10APF3-1CVAF Variable Attenuator for Femtosecond laser pulses
Models: 10APF3-1CVAF
10APF Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
10VFA Variable Filter Attenuator
4VFH Variable Filter Holder
10WA168 Variable Wheel Attenuator
10BE03 Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders
5KVDOM-1, 5VDOM-1 Vertical Drive Optical Mount
5KVDOM-1.5, 5VDOM-1.5 Vertical Drive Optical Mount
8MVT120-12 Vertical Positioning Stage
7VT40-13 Vertical Stage
Models: 7VT40-13
7VT173-25 Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 7VT173-25
7VT188-20 Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 7VT188-20
3W6 Washer
Models: 3W6, 3W6SS
12WCS1 Water Cooling System
Models: 12WCS1
10BDWC01-2 Water-Cooled Beam Dump
Models: 10BDWC01-2
SHR-IR WavelengthMeter in the near IR range
Models: SHR-IR
5SERNAS-01 XY Lens Mount
Models: 5SERNAS-01
8MT2MD-20 XY Motorized Stage with Stepper Motors
Models: 8MT2MD-20
8-0036 XYZ Motorized Translation Stage
Models: 8-0036
7T228T XZ Micro Translation Stage of Side Regulation
5ZYP Y-Z Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives
5TLM Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)
8NTS-Z Z Axis Piezo Positioning Stage
14WPZO Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates
Special Offers
Mirror Mounts with Protected Silver or Gold Coated Mirrors
Standa offers NEW two-axis tilt mounts together with silver or gold coated mirrors at a SPECIAL PRICE.

Standa is having a continuous sale of discontinued products and stock overflow. New products for sale are added regularly.

Visit our sale page!

New Products
LUMS - Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining
Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining Laser Additive Manufacturing, PCB Laser Processing & Fabrication, Laser Engraving, Laser Drilling, 3D Printing
8MTL120XY - Planar XY Linear Stage (Direct Dirve Motors, Mechanical Bearings)
Planar XY Linear Stage (Direct Dirve Motors, Mechanical Bearings) 120x120 mm travel range, accuracy: ± 0.5 µm
STA-IN-532/20 - DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser
DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser 532 nm with 20 W output power and 75 ns pulses in TEM00
8-0063 - Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
8MPR16-1 - Motorized Polarizer Rotator
Motorized Polarizer Rotator For precision automated remote rotation of waveplates, polarizers, prisms
8MTL220 - Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage 400 mm, 600 mm travel range.
STA-01-7-OEM - Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
8-0104 - Precision Multi-Axis Positioner
Precision Multi-Axis Positioner
8MT165-200 - Motorized Linear Stage
Motorized Linear Stage 200 mm travel range, up to 150 mm/s , for up to 20 kg vertical loads
10BE03 - Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders
Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders Series of adjustable expansion ratio laser beam expanders from 2x to 12x
11PRONTO - Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls)
Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls) Pocket size, easy to use hands-free operation.
8MRL - Direct Drive Rotation Stages
Direct Drive Rotation Stages Zero backlash, velocity up to 6600 deg/s, high angular acceleration, repeatability up to <5 arcsec
1B-A - Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid) Similar to 1B-AL but with mounting hole borders 12.5 mm from the breadboard edge
10FBS - Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter Galvanomagnetic scanner based technology enables ultra-high shutting speed. Various customizations are available for everyone's needs.
And More...
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