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STANDA in Lithuania
STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
Phone +370 5 2651474, Fax +370 5 2651483
E-mail: sales@standa.LT
Standa in the World
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1B-A Aluminum Optical Breadboards (Solid)
1B-AL Aluminium Breadboards
1BS-2040-015 Solid Steel Breadboard
1C Optical Tables Connectors
1CB Laminar Tabletop Workstation
1FC Faraday Cage (Enclosure)
1HB Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
Models: 1HB03-03-025, 1HB03-03-04, 1HB03-06-025, 1HB03-06-04, 1HB03-06-05, 1HB03-09-025, 1HB03-09-04, 1HB03-09-05, 1HB03-12-04, 1HB03-12-05, 1HB03-18-04, 1HB03-18-05, 1HB04-12-025, 1HB04-12-04, 1HB04-12-05, 1HB044-044-04, 1HB045-10-05, 1HB045-10-07, 1HB045-12-05, 1HB045-15-07, 1HB05-05-04, 1HB05-05-05, 1HB05-05-07, 1HB05-075-04, 1HB05-075-05, 1HB05-075-07, 1HB05-10-04, 1HB05-10-05, 1HB05-10-07, 1HB06-06-04, 1HB06-06-05, 1HB06-06-07, 1HB06-08-04, 1HB06-08-05, 1HB06-08-07, 1HB06-09-04, 1HB06-09-05, 1HB06-09-07, 1HB06-09-12, 1HB06-10-07, 1HB06-10-12, 1HB06-12-04, 1HB06-12-05, 1HB06-12-07, 1HB06-12-12, 1HB06-15-05, 1HB06-15-07, 1HB06-15-12, 1HB06-18-07, 1HB06-18-12, 1HB06-24-07, 1HB06-24-12, 1HB07-16-05, 1HB075-075-07, 1HB075-09-12, 1HB075-10-05, 1HB075-12-05, 1HB08-08-04, 1HB08-08-05, 1HB08-08-07, 1HB08-08-12, 1HB08-10-05, 1HB08-10-07, 1HB08-10-12, 1HB08-12-05, 1HB08-12-07, 1HB08-12-12, 1HB08-15-07, 1HB08-15-11, 1HB08-15-12, 1HB08-18-07, 1HB08-18-11, 1HB08-18-12, 1HB08-20-07, 1HB08-20-12, 1HB09-10-05, 1HB09-10-07, 1HB09-10-12, 1HB09-12-05, 1HB09-12-07, 1HB09-12-12, 1HB09-14-07, 1HB09-14-12, 1HB09-15-05, 1HB09-15-07, 1HB09-15-11, 1HB09-15-12, 1HB09-16-07, 1HB09-16-12, 1HB09-18-07, 1HB09-18-12, 1HB09-24-07, 1HB09-24-12, 1HB10-10-05, 1HB10-10-07, 1HB10-10-12, 1HB10-12-07, 1HB10-12-11, 1HB10-12-12, 1HB10-15-07, 1HB10-15-11, 1HB10-15-12, 1HB10-18-07, 1HB10-18-11, 1HB10-18-12, 1HB10-20-11, 1HB10-20-12, 1HB10-24-12, 1HB12-12-07, 1HB12-12-12, 1HB12-15-11, 1HB12-15-12, 1HB12-18-12, 1HB12-20-12, 1HB12-24-11, 1HB15-15-07, 1HB15-15-12, 1HB15-18-12, 1HB15-20-12, Optical
1HB-AL Optical Breadboards: Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized
1HT Honeycomb Optical Table Tops
1HT-NM Non-Magnetic Optical Tables
1IS Instrument Shelves
1LDR Laboratory Device Rack
Models: 1LDR
1LS52 Laser Shelves
1PS98 Protective Screen
1TS Optical Table Supports
1TS-140 Active Vibration Isolation System
1TS-140W Active Vibration Isolation Workstation
1TS-AVI200S/LP Active Vibration Isolation System
1VIS-BB Air Compressors
1VIS10 Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
1VIS10W Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation
1VIS22 Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
2AB111-128 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB111-128
2AB128 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB128
2AB151-001 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB151-001
2AB151-002 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB151-002
2AB163 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB163
2AB164 Angle Bracket
2AB167-25 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB167-25
2AB167-50 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB167-50
2AB173-20 Angle Bracket
2AB173-20-50 Angle Bracket
2AB174 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB174
2AB175 Angle Bracket
2AB200-002 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB200-002
2AB200-8MR190 Angle Bracket
2AB38 Angle Bracket
2AB67-25 Angle Bracket
2AB67-6 Angle Bracket
2AB7T25-10 Angle Bracket
Models: 2AB7T25-10
2AMB Adjustable Mounting Block
Models: 2AMB
2CP173-20 Connecting Plate
2CP173-50-20 Connecting Plate
2MAB111 Mini Angle Brackets
2MJ63 Multiple Mounting Joist
Models: 2MJ63
2MP Multiple Mounting Plates
2OR02 Aluminium Optical Rails
2OR19 Construction Rails / Optical Rails
2OR6 Steel Optical Rails
2RC01 Aluminium Rail Carriers
2RC19 Optical Rail Carriers
2RC6 Steel Rail Carriers
2SR32 Silent Rods
2SRC6-50 Steel Sliding Rail Carrier
Models: 2SRC6-50
2VP150 Angle Bracket
3A-45D Angular Adapter
Models: 3A-45D
3AH Thread Adapters
3AK Posts/Post Holders Kit
Models: 3AK1, 3AK2
3AM 45 degree Mirror Adapters
3APC Adjustable Angle Post Clamps
3BP120 Base Plate
Models: 3BP120
3BP138 Base Plates
3BP4 Base Plates
3BP67-6 Base Plate
Models: 3BP67-6
3BP7R7 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7R7
3BP7T128 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7T128
3BP7T25-10 Base Plate
Models: 3BP7T25-10
3BPVDOM Base Plate
Models: 3BPVDOM
3CC4, 3CC6 Connecting Cone
Models: 3CC4, 3CC6
3CMB Magnetic Bases
3EXC45 Rotary Clamp
Models: 3EXC45
3EXP59 Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp
3HK Hex Key
3MB6 Low-profile Magnetic Base
Models: 3MB6
3MP, 3SMP Mounting Posts
3MP-Inch-05, 3SMP-Inch-05 Mounting Posts
3MP25 Fixed Pedestal
3N Fastening Nuts
3PC Post Collar
3PC25, 3PC32 Post Clamp
3PH, 3PHB Post Holders
3RB135 Riser Blocks
3RBP Round Base Plates
3RPC Right Angle Fixed Post Clamp
3SBP Sliding Base Plate
Models: 3SBP
3SK Screw Kit
Models: 3SK1, 3SK2
3SPS Special Screw
3STS Standard Screw
3TC5 Table Clamp
Models: 3TC5
3TC6 / 3TC7 Table Clamp
Models: 3TC6, 3TC7
3TPH-13 Translating Post Holder
Models: 3TPH-13
3UBP Universal Base Plates
3UBP175 Universal Base Plate
3URB111 Universal Riser Blocks
3UTC-1 Universal Fork Clamp
Models: 3UTC-1
3W6 Washer
Models: 3W6, 3W6SS
3WFA-01 Lock-Down Clamp
Models: 3WFA-01
4AFS Fixed Optical Mirror Mounts (Stainless Steel): "Butterfly"
4BC32, 4VC41 Bar Clamp
Models: 4BC32, 4VC41
4BM-250 Big Optical Mount
Models: 4BM-250
4CFH Holder for Circular Filters
4FH57 Multiple Filter Holder
Models: 4FH57
4FOM Flipper Optic Mount
Models: 4FOM-1
4H29 Push Holder
Models: 4H29
4H89 Adjustable Height V-Mount
Models: 4H89
4LM13-40 Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount
Models: 4LM13-40
4LM149 Universal Adjustable Lens / Optics Mounts
4LM42 Adjustable Optics Mounts
4OCM Optical Mounts
4OFH-10 Multiple Filters Holder
Models: 4OFH-10
4PC69 Plate Clamp
4PH132 Universal Plate Holder
Models: 4PH132
4SC Spring Clamps
4SCML-12 Large Self-Centering Optics Mount
4SCML-2 Self-Centering Lens Mount
Models: 4SCML-2
4SCML-4 Self-Centering Lens Mount
Models: 4SCML-4
4SCML-8 Self-Centering Optics Mount
4VFH Variable Filter Holder
5OM100A2 Miniature Clamps
6PT110.03 Mounting Clamp
Models: 6PT110.03
7FA1 Adjustable Force Fiber Clamp
Models: 7FA1
7FA4 Fiber Cable Clamp
Models: 7FA4
5AM Self-centering Large Aperture Optical Mount
5AM-250 Precise Adjustment Kinematic Mount for Large Optics
5AMR-500 Adjustable Optical Mount for Large Heavy Mirrors
Models: 5AMR-500
5APH59T-1 Adjustable Polarizer Holders
Models: 5APH59T-1
5APH69T-1 , 5APH79T-1 Kinematic Adjustable Polarizer Holder of Side Drive / Double Optical Mount
5BM121 Beamsplitters/Optics Mount
5BM121T Beamsplitters / Optics Mount
Models: 5BM121T
5BM131 Beamsplitter / Mirror Mount
5BM141 Mirror Optical Mount
5BM57 Large Aperture Mounts
5BM59T-1 Beamsplitter Mount of Side Drive
5BM69T-1 , 5BM79T-1 Kinematic Optical Mount of Side Drive / Kinematic Double Optical Mount of Side Drive
5CM123 Compact Mirror Mount
5F21-1 Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5F21-2 Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5F23 Miniature Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5FM57 Optical Filters Mount
Models: 5FM57
5GM25T-1 Gimbal Mount
Models: 5GM25T-1
5KOM Five-Axis Optical Mounts
5KOMA1 Adapter For Optics
Models: 5KOMA1
5KVDOM-05 Kinematic Vertical Drive Optical Mount
5KVDOM-1, 5VDOM-1 Vertical Drive Optical Mount
5KVDOM-1.5, 5VDOM-1.5 Vertical Drive Optical Mount
5KVDOM-2, 5VDOM-2 Kinematic Super Stable Optical Mount
5KVDOM-3 Kinematic Super Stable Mirror Mount
5KVDOM-4 Kinematic Super Stable Optical Mirror Mount
5LAM124 , 5LAM124-2 Large Aperture Optical Mounts
5LAM124T Large Aperture Optical Mount
Models: 5LAM124T
5LAOM Large Aperture Optical Mount
Models: 5LAOM-600
5LSM110 Mirror Mounts with Locking Screws
5MBM21-1 Kinematic Mirror / Beamsplitter Mounts
5MBM22S(P) Mirror Mount
5MBM23-05-3SH Miniature Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
5MBM24 Kinematic Mirror Mount
5OBM119 Objective Mount
Models: 5OBM119
5OBM119T Objective Mounts
Models: 5OBM119T
5OM101T Miniature Tilt / Rotation Optical Mount of Side Control
Models: 5OM101T
5OM10T Small Optical Mount of Side Drive
5OM111 Mirror / Optics Mount
5OM122T, 5OM122TE Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation
5OM37 Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
5OM37-TPF Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts
5OM38 Polarization Optics Mount
5OM60, 5OM61 Precision and High Stability Optics Mounts
5PH50 Polarizer Holders
5PH51 Polarizer Holder
5PHH50 Polarizer Holder / Rotation Stage
5PM131 Prism/Optics Mount
5PM57 Prism Mount
Models: 5PM57
5PMF57 Universal Prism / Optics Mount
Models: 5PMF57
5PPH50-1 High Precision Rotation Mount
5TLM Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)
5TOM Translation Optical Mount
5TPH2-1 Polarizer Rotation Translation Mount
Models: 5TPH2-1
5UFOM-40 Flexure Optical Mirror Mount
5UM122 Optical Mirror Mount / Tilt Platform
Models: 5UM122
5UM122T Universal Mirror Mount / Platform
Models: 5UM122T
5UM131 Universal Platform Mount
5VT173-25 Adjustable Height Platform
Models: 7VT173-25
5ZYP Y-Z Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives
5ZYPS Self-made Pinholes Y-Z Mount
Models: 5ZYPS
6KB Kinematic Bases
6LH Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder
6MKB175 Magnetic Kinematic Base
Models: 6MKB175
6PT110 Tilt / Rotation Stage
Models: 6PT110
6PT169 Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table
Models: 6PT169
6TP-125 Tilt Platform
Models: 6TP-125
6TP116 Multi-Axis Tilt Platform
6TP116-001 Multi Axis Tilt Platform
Models: 6TP116-001
6TS29-21 Tilt Stage
Models: 6TS29-21
6TS62, 6TS72-72 Tilt Stage
6TTR600 Large Multi-Axis Platform
Models: 6TTR600
7FA3 Roll & Pitch Platform
Models: 7FA3
7FA5 Pitch & Yaw Platform
Models: 7FA5
3TPH-13 Translating Post Holder
Models: 3TPH-13
7FA Fiber Coupling Accessories
7G174-30 Small Goniometer
Models: 7G174-30
7R128 Micro Rotation Stage
7R129 Precision Rotary Stage
7R150 Rotation Stage
7R170-190 Rotary Stage
7R171-200 Rotation Stage of Big Platform ("Precision Pizza")
Models: 7R171-200
7R172-2 2 inch Aperture Rotation Stage
7R174-11 Mini Rotation Stage
7R7 Mini Rotation Stage
Models: 7R7, 7R7E
7T125 Basic Translation Stages
7T128 Micro Translation Stage
7T164-10, 7T264-10 Ultra Low Profile Steel Translation Stage
7T164-10T Manual Linear Stages of Side Control
7T164SS-10 Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Translation Stage
7T167-100Q Low Profile Translation Stage with Quick Move Lever
7T167-25 Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile
7T167-50 Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile
7T167S-25 Aluminum Translation Stages Low Profile
7T173 Aluminium Translation Stages Narrow
7T173-10T, 7T173-20T Side Control Linear Stage
7T173-20-50 Linear Translation Stage
Models: 7T173-20-50
7T175-100, 7T175-150 Translation Stages
7T175-50 Aluminium Translation Stage
Models: 7T175-50
7T184-13 Ball Bearing Translation Stage
Models: 7T184-13
7T228T XZ Micro Translation Stage of Side Regulation
7T228T-9S35M-5 Micro Stage with Micrometer Screws
7T229TL Micro Translation Stage
Models: 7T229TL
7T25-10 Dovetail Linear Translation Stage
7T273-10 Low Profile Two-Axis Aluminium Translation Stage
Models: 7T273-10
7T273-10T Low Profile two-Axis Aluminium Translation Stage of Side Control
Models: 7T273-10T
7T30-50 Narrow Translation Stage
Models: 7T30-50
7T34-20 Non-magnetic linear translation stage
7T38 Manual Linear Translation Stage
Models: 7T38
7T38XYZ XYZ Linear Translation Stage
7T67-25 Stable Steel Translation Stage
7T67-6 Stainless Steel Translation Stages
7T68-25 Stable Aluminium Translation Stages
7T8-01, 7T8-02 Mini Rail System Ball Slide Positioners
7TF2 Fiber Coupling Stage
Models: 7TF2, 7TF2M
7TLF1 Linear Flexure Translation Stage
7VT173-25 Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 7VT173-25
7VT174-5 Aluminium Ball Bearing Vertical Stages
Models: 7VT174-5
7VT188-20 Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 7VT188-20
7VT40-13 Vertical Stage
Models: 7VT40-13
Vacuum series 7 Vacuum Compatible Manual Stages
10MWA168 Motorized Variable Wheel Attenuator
8MDS Laser Beam Shutters
8SMC4-36 Universal motion controller/driver
Models: 8SMC4-36
10MCWA168-1 Motorised Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
8-0143 Direct Drive Rotary Tilt Table (Gimbal)
8CMA06 Motorized Actuator
8CMA16DC Ultra-High Resolution Compact Motorized Actuator (DC Motor)
8CMA20 Compact Motorized Actuator
Models: 8CMA20-8/15
8CMA28 Motorized Linear Actuator
8CMA42-50 Precision High Load Motorized Linear Actuator
8DCMC1-USB Brushed DC Servo Motor Controllers with USB Interface
8JXY-03 Joystick
Models: 8JXY-03
8MAV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator
8MBM24 Motorized Mirror Mounts
8MBM57 Large Aperture Motorized Mirror Mount
8MFM-1 Motorized Flipper Mount
8MG00 Motorized Goniometers
8MG99 Motorized Goniometer
8MGM25T-1 Motorized Gimbal Mount
Models: 8MGM25T-1
8MID10-40 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID40-70 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID70-130 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
8MID98-4-90 Motorized Iris Diaphragm
Models: 8MID98-4-90
8MKVDOM Motorized Vertical drive optical mount
8MKVDOM-1-DC Motorized Vertical Drive Optical Mount with DC motor
Models: 8MKVDOM-1-DC
8MKVDOM-2-DC Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MLAOM Motorized Gimbal Optical Mount
8MMA60 Motorized Mirror Mounts
8MPR16-1 Motorized Polarizer Rotator
8MR151 Motorized Rotation Stages
8MR170-190 Motorized Rotary Stages
Models: 8MR170-190
8MR174-11 Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190-2 Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190-2-SM / 8MR191-SM Motorized Goniometers / Rotation Systems
8MR190-90 Large Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR191 Motorized Rotary Stage
8MR20-F10 Miniature Motorized Rotation Stage
Models: 8MR20-F10
8MRB240-152-59 Large Motorized Rotation Stage
8MRB450-350-60 Large Aperture Rotary Table (Motorized)
8MRH240-60 Large High Capacity Rotary Stage
Models: 8MRH240-60
8MRL120-15 High-Speed Precision Rotation Stage
Models: 8MRL120-15
8MRL180, 8MRL250 Direct Drive Rotation Stages
8MRU Universal Motorized Rotation Stages
8MS00 Motorized Screws
8MT160-300 Motorized Delay Line
8MT165-200 High-Load Precision Motorized Linear Stage
8MT167-100 Motorized Translation Stage
8MT167-25BS1 / -25LS Linear Motor Positioning Stage
8MT173 Motorized Translation Stages
8MT173-DCE2 / -DCJ Translation Stage with DC motor
8MT175 Motorized Linear Stages
8MT177-100 Motorized Stage
8MT18-13 Miniature Motorized Linear Stage
Models: 8MT18-13
8MT184-13 Motorized Translation Stage
8MT193-100 Motorized Linear Stage
Models: 8MT193-100
8MT195 Long-travel Motorized Linear Stage
8MT200-100 Motorized Stages
8MT295 Long-Travel Motorized Linear Stages
8MT30-50 Narrow Motorized Translation Stages
8MT50 Motorized Translation Stages
8MT60-200 Low Profile Motorized Stage
8MTF Motorized XY Scanning Stage
8MTF-200 Motorized XY Microscope Stage
8MTF2 Motorized Fiber Coupling Stage
8MTL120XY Planar XY Linear Stage (Direct-Drive Motors, Mechanical Bearings)
8MTL1301-170 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTL1401-300 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTL165-300 Precision Linear Stage
8MTL220 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTL300 Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
8MTLF250XY Open Frame XY Linear Stages (Planar / Gantry, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearings)
8MTOM2-1 Motorized Two Axis Translation Optical Mount
Models: 8MTOM2-1
8MTP116 Motorized Rotation and Tilt Stage
Models: 8MTP116
8MUP21-2 Motorized Optical Mount
Models: 8MUP21-2
8MVT100-25-1 Motorized Vertical Stages
Models: 8MVT100-25-1
8MVT120-12 Vertical Positioning Stage
8MVT120-25 Precision Vertical Positioner
8MVT120-5 Motorized Vertical Lift Stage
8MVT188-20 Motorized Vertical Translation Stage
Models: 8MVT188-20
8MVT40-13 Motorized Vertical Translation Stages
Models: 8MVT40-13-1
8MVT70-13 Motorized Z Stage
Models: 8MVT70-13-1
8NANO-100XY Nano Positioner
Models: 8NANO-100XY
8NSC Nano Stages Controller
8NTS-01XY Nano Scanning Stage
8NTS-X Compact Single Axis Piezo Actuator
Models: 8NTS-X-120
8NTS-XYZ-200 2(3)D piezo scanning stage
8NTS-XYZ-200-A Piezo scanning stage with central hole
8NTS-XYZ-40-SPM Plane-Parallel Nano Piezo Scanning Stage
8NTS-Z Z Axis Piezo Positioning Stage
8SMC4-ETHERNET / RS232-B19 Multi-Axis Motion Controller / Driver
8SMC5-USB Stepper & DC Motor Controller
8SMC5B-USB Stepper & DC Motor Controller Board for Integrators
Models: 8SMC5B-USB
Custom Design More Flexibility
LUMS Laser Machining Software: Universal Micromachining
Motors Ordering Information
Power supply For DC and Stepper motors
Sensors Ordering Information
SPiiPlusCMnt Servo Motion Controller with Built-in drivers
SPiiPlusEC Servo Motion Controller
UDMlc Compact Servo Motion Driver
UDMsd Compact Servo Motion Driver
Vacuum series 8 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages
9MT Industrial Custom Taps & Wrench
Models: 9MT, 9TW
9RK127 Removable Knob
9S127 Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws
9S35 Mini Micrometers
9S55 Thin Micrometers
9S65M Fine Closed Screw
Models: 9S65M
9S67 Compact Fine Screws
Models: 9S67, 9S67M
9S7, 9S7C Adjustment Screws
9S75M-AL Micrometers
9SH127 Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
9SH137, 9SH147 Fine Hex Adjustment Screws
9SH67 Industrial Adjustments Screws
9SM127M High-Resolution Micrometers
10IB Iris Diaphragm Mount
10MO Microscope Objectives
10AOS10-1, 10MAOS10-1 Adjustable Optical Slits
10APF Variable Attenuator/Beamsplitter
10APF3-1CVAB Continuously Variable Attenuator / Beamsplitter
10APF3-1CVAF Variable Attenuator for Femtosecond laser pulses
Models: 10APF3-1CVAF
10BC68-1 Beam Splitter Cube
10BE01 Beam Expanders
10BE02 Fixed Magnification Laser Beam Expanders
10BE03 Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders
10CWA168 Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
Models: 10CWA168
10FBS Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
10IB Iris Diaphragms
Models: 10IBC117-75-H, 10IBC117-75-HT, 10IBC117-75-N, 10IBC125-85-H, 10IBC125-85-HT, 10IBC125-85-N, 10IBC135-98-H, 10IBC135-98-HT, 10IBC135-98-N, 10IBC160-113-H, 10IBC160-113-HT, 10IBC160-113-N, 10IBC20-8-H, 10IBC20-8-N, 10IBC25-12-H, 10IBC25-12-N, 10IBC29-15-H, 10IBC29-15-N, 10IBC39-22-H, 10IBC39-22-N, 10IBC48-30-H, 10IBC48-30-HT, 10IBC48-30-N, 10IBC69-40-H, 10IBC69-40-HT, 10IBC69-40-N, 10IBC79-50-H, 10IBC79-50-HT, 10IBC79-50-N, 10IBC94-60-H, 10IBC94-60-HT, 10IBC94-60-N, 10IBS10-5-0.5-AR, 10IBS10-5-0.5-N, 10IBS100-75-4-H, 10IBS100-75-4-N, 10IBS110-81-3-AR, 10IBS12-7-0.5-AR, 10IBS12-7-0.5-N, 10IBS120-90-3.5-AR, 10IBS130-98-4-H, 10IBS130-98-4-N, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-AR, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-H, 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-N, 10IBS14.8-8-0.5-AR, 10IBS14.8-8-1-N, 10IBS150-113-6-H, 10IBS150-113-6-N, 10IBS16-10-1-N, 10IBS165-120-6-H, 10IBS165-120-6-N, 10IBS19.8-12-1-AR, 10IBS19.8-12-1-H, 10IBS19.8-12-1-N, 10IBS195-145-8-N, 10IBS22-14-1-AR, 10IBS22-14-1-N, 10IBS24-15-1-H, 10IBS24-15-1-N, 10IBS28-18-1-AR, 10IBS28-18-1.2-H, 10IBS30-20-1.2-AR, 10IBS30-20-1.2-H, 10IBS30-20-1.2-N, 10IBS33-22-1.5-N, 10IBS37-25-1.5-AR, 10IBS37-25-1.5-N, 10IBS40-27-1.5-AR, 10IBS40-27-1.5-H, 10IBS40-27-1.5-N, 10IBS43-30-1.5-AR, 10IBS43-30-1.5-H, 10IBS43-30-1.5-N, 10IBS49-34-2-AR, 10IBS49-34-2-H, 10IBS49-34-2-N, 10IBS50-36-2.5-H, 10IBS50-36-2.5-N, 10IBS53-37-2.5-H, 10IBS53-37-2.5-N, 10IBS58-42-2.5-H, 10IBS58-42-2.5-N, 10IBS60-40-2.5-H, 10IBS60-40-2.5-N, 10IBS64-45-2.5-H, 10IBS64-45-2.5-N, 10IBS70-50-2.5-H, 10IBS70-50-2.5-N, 10IBS82-60-4-H, 10IBS82-60-4-N, 10IBV15-8-1-N, 10IBV15-8-1-N-1, 10IBV15.5-8.5-1-N, 10IBV22-14-1-AR, 10IBV22-14-1-AR-1, 10IBV22-14-1-N, 10IBV22-14-1-N-1, 10IBV31-18-1.5-N, 10IBV31-18-1.5-N-1, 10IBV40-27-1.5-AR, 10IBV40-27-1.5-AR-1, 10IBV40-27-1.5-N, 10IBV40-27-1.5-N-1, 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N, 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N-1, 10IBV60-40-2.5-N, 10IBV60-40-2.5-N-1, 10IBV70-50-2.5-N, 10IBV82-60-4-N, 10IBV82-60-4-N-1
10IB-M Mounted Iris Diaphragms
10LBS Laser Beam Steering
10MAPF3 Motorized Laser Beam Attenuator
10MBE Motorized Beam Expanders
10MO Microscope Objectives
10MVAA Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator
Models: 10MVAA
10MWA168 Motorised Variable Wheel Attenuator
10ORS6 Steel Optical Rail System
Models: 10ORS6
10PMA-1 Laser Beam Attenuator
Models: 10PMA-1
10PP Precision Pinholes
10PS12_12 Laser Beam Profile Converters
10PS6_6 Beam Profile Shaper
10PSF9 Focal Beam Profile Shapers
10SF130 Precision Spatial Filter
Models: 10SF130
10VFA Variable Filter Attenuator
10WA168 Variable Wheel Attenuator
12HP02 Custom Fiber Collimators
Models: 12HP02
10BD Beam Dump
10BDWC01-2 Water-Cooled Beam Dump
Models: 10BDWC01-2
10MPIR1 Universal Magnetic Drive Micropump with Inner Reservoir
Models: 10MPIR1
10VIZ-35 Laser Beam Visualizer
12WCS1 Water Cooling System
Models: 12WCS1
8MDS Laser Beam Shutters
CTL-21 Laser Safety Glasses, Goggles, Spectacles
STA-01 Micro Laser Nd:LSB
STA-01 Yb:YAG Passive Q-Switched Laser
STA-01-7 OM Single Shot Pulsed Laser
Models: STA-01-7 OM
STA-01-7-OEM Q-Switched Nd:YAG Micro Laser
Models: STA-01-7-OEM
STA-01-OEM Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Micro Laser
STA-01-YLF Passive Q-Switched Laser
STA-01CW CW Microchip Laser
STA-01SH Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Solid-State Micro Laser
STA-02-SH-CW Microchip Laser
Models: STA-02-SH-CW
STA-IN-532/20 DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser
STA-MOPA Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Laser System
STA-PCD-1 Pockels Cell Driver
STAD-01 Laser Diode Driver
Models: STAD-01
STANDA-Q1 Active Q-switched Laser
STANDA-Q10 Active Q-switched Laser
STANDA-Q1SH671 Active Q-switched Laser
14CGF Color Glass Filters
14FR Fresnel Rhomb
14GP Glan Taylor Prism
14WPZO Zero Order Crystalline Quartz Retardation Plates
IOC Infrared Optical Components
Optics Optical Components
11BEAMAGE CMOS Beam Profiling Camera
11D-ALI-COL Electronic Autocollimator
Models: 11D-ALI-COL
11D-ALI-MET Optical Beam Alignment Meter
11D-SPO-COM Compact Beam Position Sensing Detector
11HSP High-speed Photodetectors
11HSP-FS High Speed Free-Space Photodetector
11M-LINK Universal Laser Power & Energy Meter
Models: 11M-LINK
11MAESTRO Laser Power/Energy Monitor
Models: 11MAESTRO
11P-LINK PC Based Power Monitor
11PH Photodetector
11PRONTO Laser Power Probe (Touch Screen Controls)
Models: 11PRONTO-250
11QE-B Laser Energy Detectors
11QE12 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE25 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE50 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE65 Laser Energy Detectors
11QE95 Laser Energy Detectors
11S-LINK Dual & Single Channel, PC-Based Power and Energy Monitor
11SUPER-HP High Power Detector
11THZ THz Detector
11TUNER Single Channel, Power Monitor with Tuning Needle
Models: 11TUNER
11UNO Laser Power Meter
Models: 11UNO
11UP12 Laser Power Detector
11UP17 Laser Power Detector
11UP19-H Laser Power Detector
11UP19-VR Laser Power Detector
11UP19-W High-Power Laser Detector
11UP25 Laser Power Detector
11UP50 Laser Power Detector
11UP55-H Laser Power Detector
11UP55-HD Laser Power Detector
11UP55-VR Laser Power Detector
11WFS-prime Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor
Models: 11WFS-prime
11XLP12 Extreme Low Power Laser Detector
BW-RAM-EX Raman Spectrometer i-Raman EX
BW-RAM-PLUS Raman Spectrometer i-Raman Plus
BW-RAM-REG Raman Spectrometer i-Raman
S-FL Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer
Models: S-FL
S-RS Raman Spectrometer
Models: S-RS
Addons Options & Accessories
M150 Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph
M266 Automated Monochromator/Spectrograph
M833 Double Dispersive Automated monochromator/spectrograph
Models: M833
MSA-130 Double Additive/Subtractive Monochromator
Models: MSA-130
OEM Multi-channel Detectors
S100 Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
S41 Miniature Lens Spectrometer
S90-IR Compact IR-Spectrometer
Models: S90-IR
SC125 High-Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer
SDH-I High-Aperture Compact Spectrometers
SHR High-Precision Wide-Range Wavelength Meter
Models: SHR
SHR-IR WavelengthMeter in the near IR range
Models: SHR-IR
Custom Engineering Galery IV
Custom Engineering Galery III
8MAV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator
Custom Engineering Gallery II
  Vacuum Stages with Feedback Encoder
10MS-2R200 2 axis Motorised Goniometer for Larger Optics
Models: 10MS-2R200
10NMC-1 XY 5 Axis Manual Motion System (XY Translation and Three Circle Goniometer)
Models: 10NMC-1 XY
10RSB-081658 5 Axis Motorized Stage
Models: 10RSB-081658
10RSB-2 Motorized Goniometer Stage
Models: 10RSB-2
12L492 Super Stable Lockable Mirror Mount with Micro Differential Screw
Models: 12L492
12L500 Super Stable Lockable Mirror Mount with Micro Differential Screw
Models: 12L500
12WS07 Motorized Telescope
Models: 12WS07
4SCML-8V Vacuum Compatible Self-Centering Optics Mount
Models: 4SCMLV-8-001
5AM-500 Precise Adjustable Kinematic Mount for Large Optics
Models: 5AM-500
5AM4 Mirror Mount for Picosecond Lasers
Models: 5AM4
5AM5 Mirror Mount for Picosecond Lasers
Models: 5AM5
5BM59TV-1 Optical Mount For Vacuum
Models: 5BM59TV-1
5KOM4V-1 Vacuum compatible Five-Axis Optical Mounts
Models: 5KOM4V-1
5KVDOMV, 5VDOMV Vacuum Compatible Optical Mounts
5LAOM-600 Large Adjustable Optical Mount
5LAOMV Vacuum Compatible Gimbal Optical Mount
5SERNAS-01 XY Lens Mount
Models: 5SERNAS-01
5SL-20 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL-20
5SL-30 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL-30
5SL2-30 Steel Tilt Stages for Flat Optics
Models: 5SL2-30
6TS29V-21 Vacuum Compatible Tilt Stage
Models: 6TS29V-21
7GM-2R4V Manual Goniometer Stage (Vacuum Compatible)
7R129V Vacuum Compatible Precision Rotary Stage
Models: 7R129V
7R150V Vacuum Compatible Rotation Stage
7R170V-190 Vacuum Compatible Rotation Stage
7T164SSV-10 Vacuum Compatible Manual Translation Stage
7T164SSV-VD Vacuum Compatible Vertical Drive Stage
7T175V Vacuum Compatible Aluminium Translation Stages
7T38V XYZ Vacuum Compatible Translation System
7T67SSV-25 Stainless-Steel-Vacuum-Compatible Linear Stage
8-0019 3 Axis Motorized Goniometer
Models: 8-0019
8-0020 Linear XYZ Portal
8-0021 (8MT175-50XYZ-8MR191-28) 6 Axis Motorized Stage (XYZ Stage and Three Circle Motorized Goniometer)
8-0022 6 Axis Motorized System
8-0023 3-axis Continuous Rotation System
Models: 8-0023
8-0031 2-Axis Goniometer Stage
8-0035 Automated XYZ System for Microscopy
Models: 8-0035
8-0036, 8-0130 XYZ Motorized Translation Stage
8-0038 Vacuum Positioning Stage (5-Axis System)
8-0047 Motorized Positioning Systems
Models: 8-0047
8-0048 Motorized XY Gantry System + Z-axis Vertical Linear Stage
Models: 8-0048
8-0050, 8-0030, 8-0026 Multi-Axis Positioning System
8-0063 Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
Models: 8-0063
8-0099 2-axis (XY) Rotation Stage + Motorized XYZ Translation Stage
8-0104 Precision Multi-Axis Positioner
Models: 8-0104
8CMA06V Motorized Actuator for Vacuum
8CMA16DCV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Actuator DC motor
8MBM57SSV Closed Loop Vacuum Mirror Mount
8MG-2SQ200 Motorized Goniometers (Gimbal Mounts) for Large Square Optics
8MIDV Vacuum Compatible Motorized Iris Diaphragms
8MKVDOMV-1 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Optical Mount with DC motor
Models: 8MKVDOMV-1
8MKVDOMV-2 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MKVDOMV-3 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Vertical Drive Mirror Mount with DC motor
8MLAOM-1200 Large Aperture Optical Mirror Gimbal Mount (Motorized, 2-Axis)
Models: 8MLAOM-1200
8MR170-190V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stages
8MR174V-11 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190V-2 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MR190V-90 Large Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage
8MS00V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Screw
8MT160V-300XY Vacuum Compatible Motorized XY Linear Translation Stage
8MT167-100-XYZ-8MR191-8MR151 Standa Robotics For Photonics
8MT167V-100 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stage
8MT167V-25 Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stage
8MT173V Vacuum Compatible Motorised Translation Stages
8MT173V-DCE Vacuum Compatible Motorised Translation Stages DC
8MT175V Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages
8MT200-100-Z-8MT167-25BS1-XY High precision Motorized Vertical Stage
8MT200-100SM-XY-8MR191-SM 3 Axis Motorized translation-rotation system
8MT2MD-20 XY Motorized Stage with Stepper Motors
Models: 8MT2MD-20
8MT30V-50 Vacuum Compatible Motorised Linear Stages
8MTF-20 Motorized XY Scanning Stage
Models: 8MTF-20
8MTFV Vacuum Compatible XY Scanning Stage
8MVT400-20-60 High Load Vertical Translation Stage
8SMC4-36 Multi-axis Motion Control System
Custom Engineering Gallery I
DLK Optical Delay Line Components Kits
Optical Tables Custom
UPJS 3D Antenna Patterns Measuring System
Vacuum Compatible Motion Control Information
Sale Light Test & Measurement Instruments
Sale Microscope Objectives
Sale Diode Laser Module
Sale Light Test & Measurement Instruments
Models: 11HSP-FS1
Sale Motorized Stages
Models: 8MT173-6
Sale Translation & Rotation Stages
Models: 7T229TL
Sale Optical Positioners
Special Offers
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New Products
10BE03 - Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders
Variable Zoom Laser Beam Expanders Series of adjustable expansion ratio laser beam expanders from 2x to 12x
8MIDV - Vacuum Compatible Motorized Iris Diaphragms
Vacuum Compatible Motorized Iris Diaphragms
8MTL220 - Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage 400 mm, 600 mm travel range; for loads up to 100 kg; dust & spray protected
STA-IN-532/20 - DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser
DPSS Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser 532 nm with 20 W output power and 75 ns pulses in TEM00
8MTLF250XY - Open Frame XY Linear Stages (Planar / Gantry, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearings)
Open Frame XY Linear Stages (Planar / Gantry, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearings) 250x250 mm travel range
8MT18-13 - Miniature Motorized Linear Stage
Miniature Motorized Linear Stage 13 mm travel range. Ultra-compact, lightweight precision positioner.
8MTF-200 - Motorized XY Microscope Stage
Motorized XY Microscope Stage 200x200 mm travel range; XY scanning stage
8MTL165-300 - Precision Linear Stage
Precision Linear Stage 300 mm travel range; for loads up to 50 kg; dust & spray protection
8SMC5B-USB - Stepper & DC Motor Controller Board for Integrators
Stepper & DC Motor Controller Board for Integrators
FBC1LD - Laser Diode Driver
Laser Diode Driver
8-0063 - Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
Motorized XYZ Stage + Rotation Table (Positioning System)
8MLAOM-1200 - Large Aperture Optical Mirror Gimbal Mount (Motorized, 2-Axis)
Large Aperture Optical Mirror Gimbal Mount (Motorized, 2-Axis) Designed for ≤1200 mm aperture optical mirrors
10FBS - Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter Galvanomagnetic scanner based technology enables ultra-high shutting speed. Various customizations are available for everyone's needs.
8-0143 - Direct Drive Rotary Tilt Table (Gimbal)
Direct Drive Rotary Tilt Table (Gimbal) With integrated pneumatic collet chuk
8MTL300 - Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage
Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage 400 mm travel range; for loads up to 150 kg; dust & spray protected
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